Welcome Yuri Tactics

I’d to welcome you all to Yuri Tactics, a blog I created solely to advertise and host my WIP yuri srpg: Pretty Witch Academy.


What is Pretty Witch Academy?

It is a SRPG (strategy role playing game) centered around an island of only women, Yurishima, and its school of witchcraft, St. Sayuri Academy, following its students and their mischievous adventures.


Is that just Harry Potter with lesbians?

Yes. It is.


Why an island of only women?

I could go on and spin this tale about my feminist views and how an all female environment supports them, but I’m not that kind of guy. No. The reason I created is Yurishima is simple. I just wanted to have excuse to not create that many male characters.


Okay, but isn’t having the main characters attend an all girls school a little cliche?

Maybe, but I don’t care. All I wanted was really gay magical girls and what’s gayer than (lesbian) witches?


If the population is all female, how do they do reproduce?

With MAGIC!!11


You’re kidding, right?



But if there’s only women, doesn’t that limit their romantic options.

Of course!


Then they aren’t really lesbians then.

No one’s holding a gun to their head and forcing them to live on Yurishima. The population is a mixture of natives and immigrants. The island is a popular place for women who want to start a family with each other without fearing the discrimination of a heteronormative society. Also, this is a game about lesbian witches; this isn’t trying to be a realistic representation of homosexuality and the issues the LGBT community faces.


Fine. Then tell us about the characters themselves.

Well I planned for about four main couples, but the exact number of main characters have yet to be set in stone. However, I can tell you about the main/1st couple: Aika x Shizuka.


Don’t only weeboos give their characters Japanese names?

I’ll pretend you didn’t say anything.


Aika Shiroyuri is a native of Yurishima who attended a Japanese middle school, having moved with her family for business reasons. Since her years in middle school, she earned a reputation as a slacker and skirt chaser to the point that when she applies for St. Sayuri, she is placed in the Earth Dorm, the dorm where the students barely got into the school are placed.


Well she totally screams protagonist.


Shizuka Kurobara is Aika’s middle school friend and an immigrant to Yurishime from Japan, living in the Earth Dorm. Unlike Aika, she scored high enough to be placed in one the three other (and better dorms), but chose to stay by Aika’s side. Responsible and polite, many comment how lucky Aika is to have Shizuka as a girlfriend only to lead to Shizuka to correct them.


Oh god, not the “not a couple”! Hasn’t that been done to death?

Well sue me! The demo for the game follows the the events that lead Aika and Shizuka from going from “just friends” to “a couple” while foreshadowing rough seas for the newly bloomed lily.


Let me guess, one of their families doesn’t approve of their relationship?

No comment.


How about some game play footage or something to demonstrate what happens in the game?

I’ll add that stuff when I can figure out how to do that.


Well at last allow me to download the demo.

Here you go:





Wait! Why does one of these demos have a much larger file size than the other?

Well that one includes the RTP (run time package). I made the game with RPG Maker VX Ace and in order to play the game you’ll need it. I’ve only provided a version without the RTP for the people that don’t need it.


What a pain! Well I’m going to download it. I’ll be back.

Take care.


I’m back. I noticed that the sprites don’t look anything like the characters? What the hell?!

Sorry, but this game is still WIP. Once I’m ready to release a complete version of this game I’ll replace them with better sprites. Please be patient.


Besides the sprites, the game play is okay. Did you did this all yourself?

Nope. I used scripts made by various people. Cut scenes, face and menu sprites were made using Kisakae 2, created by Pochikou.

The battle system and card battle scripts are made by Tomoaky.

I’m also using Yanfly’s attack skill replace script, Galv’s menu layout script, Hime’s scene interpreter script and equip event scripts, and Neonblack’s CP passive skills script. The character sprites are made with RMVX ace’s built in character maker.


So did you actually do?

Well I wrote the story, spend several hours test playing and adjusting statistics.


Is that all?

Cut me a break, please!


So when do you think you’ll be able to complete this game?

When pigs fly or Hell freezes over; pick your poison. Since I don’t know how long it will take to complete this game, I’ll post “updates” to the story and demo game.


So how much do you plan on charging on the full game?

Zip! Before you ask why, it’s because 1.) I doubt I’ll ever complete this game, 2.) when I do, it won’t be “professional quality” and 3.) there’s not that many F2P yuri/srpg games.


Well, I guess I’ll keep an eye on you.



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