Merry Hexmas Everywitch!

Aika & Shizuka

What the hell is Hexmas?

That’s what the Yurishimians call Christmas on the island.

Wait. An island of witches celebrates a Christian holiday?

Not really. The witch Sayuri, who founded the island and its school, and many of her followers were Japanese and thus were more familiar with the Japanese interpretation of the holiday: A day for couples to spend together. The holiday was re-dubbed Hexmas in order to allow them to celebrate their version of the holiday and the many other holidays of the varying cultures that made the island’s inhabitants. Hexmas is in fact one of the four biggest holidays the island celebrates.

What’s the other three?

St. Valentine’s Day, White Lily Day, and Walpurgis Night.

Walpurgis Night? Isn’t that a name of a witch in Madoka Magica?

If you mean a character from Madoka Magica was named after a real world holiday, then yes. Google it.

So what is White Lily Day?

White Lily Day is the day that Yurisima was founded. As it happens, the island was founded on March 14th, which happens to be the same day that China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan celebrate White Day. You could say White Day became altogether different holiday for the witches of Yurishima.

So what happens on this White Lily Day?

Didn’t you want to know about Hexmas?

You already told me about all I needed to know.

K. Well if you really want to know about White Lily Day (or WLD for short), I’ll tell you. Normally, in the countries where White Day is celebrated, guys give girls white chocolate (or a similar gift) in return for the chocolate they received from Valentine’s Day, but on Yurishima- since there’s no men, such a ritual would be pointless. Instead, couples buy each other white chocolate (usually elegantly carved in the shape of a lily) or other similar gifts and exchange it with one another as a sign of their everlasting love. It should be no surprise that many women choose this day to get married.

Is every major holiday witches celebrate have to do with love?

Well this is a yuri game.

Point taken. Then I guess Walpurgis Night has do with romance?

Nope. On Walpurgis Night, witches gather together and have feasts, drinking and dancing, making merriment and love beneath the stars and moon.

They have orgies?!

It’s not that kind of game! However, let’s just say a lot of young couples sneak away into the cover of darkness to meet and explore one another’s bodies free from the watchful eyes of parents and guardians.

I bet St. Valentine’s Day is normal.

Only if you’re not an onee-sama type girl.

What does that mean?

Well, the popular, older girls, are bombarded by chocolates and gifts from their underclassmen while having to choose on girl to receive her chocolate/gift. Underclassmen often will fight to the death for this honor. It is arguably the most violent holiday on the entire island and while few actual fatalities occur on this day, it is said the amount of blood shed each year rival the war of the Witch-Goddesses. On St. Valentine’s Day, Love. Is. War!


Where the be fun in that?

So, when do you think you’ll be done making the game?

I, uh, just remember I needed to do something. Tada!

Wait! Come back here!


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