St. Sayuri Campus Tour

Today we will take a little tour around the campus of St. Sayuri.

St. Sayuri Campus

A tour? Can’t you visit the entire campus in the demo?

Yes, but for the sake of those who didn’t play the demo, I decided to have a little tour.

Okay. Go on.

We’ll start our tour with the school house itself.

School House

Four stories tall, the first floor is composed of primarily classrooms with the exception of the locker bay which is directly across from the nurse’s office. Amongst the notable class rooms on this floor is 1-1 taught by Christina Hatchet.

School House F1

She is a soft spoken and mature woman who has a dark pass that you’re best not learning about. She also hates being called the nickname “Ms. Christmas”, as many students have the misfortune to learn. She is also the head mistress of the Earth Dorm.


She sounds like a fun teacher to have. \sarcasm.

The nurse’s office is ran by Amala Malik. She is a kind and loving woman who can’t stand watching her students suffer. She is also very understanding of the difficulties for young couples from different dorms to find time to be alone and has often allowed students use the office for such purposes as long as they don’t disturb the students who are actually sick. She is the head mistress of the Sun Dorm.


I like her already.

On the second fl-

Hold on, there’s some stairs heading downward. Where do those lead?

The dungeon.

Dungeon? What kind of school has a dungeon?

This one.

I walked straight into that, didn’t I?

It’s the only straight thing you’ll find on this island.

Hah hah. Let’s move on. You were going on the second floor, right?

Yes. As I was saying, the second floor is made of mostly class rooms, but also where the bathrooms are located. The only notable class here is 2-4, Sexual Education and it’s application to witchcraft lead by Laura Karnstein.

School House F2

Laura Karnstein… She sounds familiar. She wouldn’t be related to a woman named Car-

*Ahem* Laura is a soft spoken and seductive teacher very popular amongst the student body. It is often sworn that saxophone music plays whenever she enters the scene thought knows where the music is coming from. She is the head mistress of the Moon Dorm.


A cat girl… Well that’s an interesting interpretation of a certain novel…

…Moving on, the third floor is composed of entirely of class rooms, but there is presently no class rooms of note right now.

School House F3

So it’s just filler?

Last, but not least is the fourth floor where most of the club rooms, the student council office and principal’s office can be found.

School House F4

The principal is Mary Mère. A gentle old woman, she has been the principal since the school’s founding.


The vice president is Sabrina Sarr. Where Mary tends to be lenient and understanding, Sabrina is strict and severe. She oversees the discipline of troublesome students and advises the school’s disciplinary committee.


What are some of the notable clubs?

There’s the dark music club-

Dark music club?

It’s a Yurishima thing. (Apparently puns are very popular amongst Yurishimians.)

Whatever. Continue.

As I was saying, the dark music club, supervised by Christina Hatchet. It’s band is called “The Witching Hour” witch has written a number of songs such as “Brewing a Love Potion Just for You”, “The Curse Called Love”, “A Broom Ride for Two”, “The Black Cat Who Stole My Heart”, “‘Forevermore’ Said The Crow”, “The Nightmare Before Valentine’s Day” and many more.

Why am I not surprised most of their songs are have very romantic titles?

Next up is the library. There’s not much of anything noteworthy here.


Why did you even bring it up then?

Because I could. Next is the gymnasium. Here you can often find Coach Mizuki Gin’ya.


Coach Mizuki is a stern and relentless woman who won’t give up once she set her sights on a goal (much to the misery of her students). While she believes rules should be followed, she will break them and encourages her students to do the same when she believes it would be more honorable to do so (she also makes sure to punish herself and the students who break the rules regardless of the reasons for it.) She’s the head mistress of the Star Dorm.


How fun….

Here in the school cafeteria you can buy an assortment of items from clothes to weapons to items and so on.


*Yawn* Nothing interesting to see here. Let’s move on.

There are four dorms where the students reside, sorted by their entrance exam results. The best and brightest reside in the Sun Dorm.

Sun Dorm

Geeks with class.

The wisest stay in the moon dorm.

moon dorm

Vanilla geeks.

The fittest call the Star Dorm home.

Star Dorm

Because even on an island of lesbian witches there are jocks.

The last, but not least, are left in the Earth Dorm.

Earth Dorm

I want to be in House Hufflepuff, said no Witch ever.

Now onto the cemetery. (Where I might leave you if you don’t stop interrupting me.)


Of course this school would have a cemetery… WHY DOES THIS SCHOOL HAVE A CEMETERY!?!

Sometimes there are consequences for not paying attention in class. Summoning monsters you can’t control. Messing up an antidote. Calling Christina “Ms. Christmas”. Here the unfortunate few students who pass away reside. Beneath the cemetery is the catacombs where Professor Victoria F. resides.

What does the F stand for?

Take a guess. I’d provide a picture, but presently she’s in the midst of altering her appearance.

In other words, you don’t have a picture of her.

Guilty as charged. Well that covers the important buildings on campus so I think I’ll call it a night. I’m looking forward to talking more later.



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