How to make an Animegeddon Card

Today I thought I’d do something a little different from the normal discussion about Pretty Witch Tactics and do a little tutorial and show everyone the process of making cards for another game I’ve working on: Animegeddon. Today’s target will be the first episode of Yuki Yuna.Animegeddon? What’s that?

It’s a fan made card game that combines several different anime, allowing you to mix and match your favorite characters from different anime. Because I lost all the files on my old laptop, I had to start a new. TT_TT

How do you play the game?

Well generally, I would print them out and cut them out so that I could play it with my friends and I, but for online play I’ve been experimenting with a program called Lackey.


I’ve yet to play anyone online, but from test plays… it tends to be a little tedious, but that’s more than likely the fact I have to play both sides with a program that isn’t exactly automated. However that’s besides the point. I’m here to do a tutorial, not complain about how hard it is to make and test!

My bad. Go ahead.

I start by playing the video and stopping on any scene that I think I could make card from.

Tutorial 001

I take a screen shot and paste the image in a file designed to allow me to crop around the unneeded parts. I then go back and collect more screen shots, pasting them each in a new layer until I reach the end of the episode.Tutorial 002

Now that I’ve got a quite a few layers, it’s time to crop the image, resize and paste onto a card.Tutorial 003Tutorial 004Tutorial 005

It’s easier to paste the image onto an already made card, rather than having to make a whole card from scratch, but I have to be careful not to save over that card. (When I do, I just need to changed the saved card’s name and undo all the changes I did to the old card and re-save it! I just have to hope I don’t close the saved over card by accident! :p)

Tutorial 006 Tutorial 007 Tutorial 008

It’s also important to decided the card’s element and type. Presently there are 11 different elements and four card types (Character, Item, Location and Skill).
Each element has it’s own theme and strategy:
闇Dark: Victory any cost, even if it means sacrificing characters and discarding cards from the deck as a means of fuel.
土Earth: Slowly build up resources to play a heavy hitter or just accumulate power to empower certain characters.
火Fire: Attack! Attacking, direct damage to both player and characters and forcing the defending Player to block (and punishing him/her for blocking).
小Ice: Kill the opponent slowly, through weakening their characters with -1/-1 Counters and discarding cards from their hand. (Akilucky!)
光Light: Outlive the opponent. Healing cards from the cemetery back to the deck and draw and discard cards as necessary to optimize the hand.
Love: Divided we fall, united we stand. This element began as a sort of joke element, but grew into it’s own. When it’s a main element (which is almost never), it focuses on pairing characters and granting them effects. This element is very pervasive amongst other elements.
金Metal: Hit them hard. If they hit you, hit them back harder. Boosting characters with +1/+1 Counters and Weapon Items.
雷Thunder: Hit them hard and fast. Blitzkreig is the name of this element’s strategy. From swarming with many smaller characters to dropping the occassional 6 Weapon beatstick, Thunder is all about the offense (but horrible on the defense).
水Water: Win without attacking. Water is a control element focusing on punishing opponents for attacking as well as reducing their options (and their life span) through forcing them to discard cards from their deck. The longer the game lasts for them the better.
風Wind: Quantity over quality. Wind specializes in swarm opponents with weak characters assembled at amazing rates. While their characters tend to be weak, they tend to be evasive and hard to block. They can also return characters to their owner’s hand.
木Wood: Let it grow! Wood characters are the most defensive in the game, tending to grow stronger the more they block until the opponent can no longer afford to attack or they are strong enough to take the offense.

For the cast of Yuki Yuna, I decided to place the girls in wood. However, I think Yuki and Togo might need more than I element (I think you know which one too. *Wink, wink*)

Tutorial 009

You’ve changed the card’s entire element!

Worry not! I place elements on a card in accordance to alphabetic order. Now we’re going to add the secondary element. Luckily I had a card open with the secondary element I need! I just copy the layer the element is on and paste it onto the card I’m working on.

Tutorial 010Tutorial 011

That’s the second card from Momoko Kyun Sword. Are you working on that set?

Maybe. Now let’s get back to the task on hand. We need to delete all the text on the card and replace it. I have special layer designed for placing text.

Tutorial 012Tutorial 013

What’s the numbers for?

They’re to remind me what font size to use and guide for lining up text. Now I type the card effect. As you can see there five different “boxes” to place text. Starting from the to there is the name box, the cost box, the stat box, the type box and the effect box. I usually like to start typing the name going down the line or vice versa depending on what font size I’m currently on.

Tutorial 014 Tutorial 015

Can’t be destroyed? Isn’t that a little too powerful?

Well the girls couldn’t die so I felt this effect was necessary. Unfortunately, they can be still offered this way, which is a compromise I have to make to allow Dark have some way of removing them. (It was its only way of handling “Madoka, God Mode” back before my old computer died.)

Wait. It becomes a Yuri card in addition to its other types? Is Yuri a thing?

Back on my old computer, the Koihime set made Yuri a very scary strategy (it was initially so powerful I had to water it down TWICE to keep it from breaking the game! Thanks a lot Soso-bama!)

Also is there reason you have an entire line devoted to a single word?

That’s a special effect. When I have room, I type out what special effects do in parenthesizes. (Which becomes a hassle when a card has more than special effect.) Transform’s effect would be “(When this Character is played, you can offer a Character with the same name. If you do, this Character is put in play with an additional +1/+1 Counter.)”

So Yuki gets stronger if play more than one copy of her.

Yes. By rules of uniqueness, you can only have one character with the same name in play at a time. This rule and the effect of Transform only checks the part of a card’s name proceeding the coma, allowing you to offer a weaker version of Yuki to play the stronger version of her.

Okay, what do the numbers divided by the slash mean?

That is Yuki’s Weapon and Armor. Weapon determines the amount of damage she deals to an unblocked Player when attacking and to blocking Characters when blocked. Armor determines how much damage she take before destroyed.

But she can’t be destroyed. Why is her Armor higher than her Weapon?

Well this is a design choice. I assign each Character a number of points equal twice their cost to place in Weapon and Armor. If I simply dump stated her Armor and placed all her points in Weapon, she would be truly over powered.

Okay, but with that logic, her Weapon and Armor only come to a sum of 7.

That’s because I penalize a Character 1 point for each positive special effect they have balance and reward them with an extra point for each negative special effect they have.

I suppose that makes sense.

Now that we’ve finished making the card, let’s hide the text guide layer and save the card. Since this the first of a new card, I had to make a few new folders, a set folder and then a card type folder.

Tutorial 016 Tutorial 017

So you’re done right?

Nope. Remember how I said I was experimenting with Lackey? We need to make a second version of this card just for that program. I flatten the card into one layer and resize before saving it into the Yuki Yunna set’s folder in Lackey. I then must set up the card in a special text document so that Lackey can generate the card in program.

Tutorial 018 Tutorial 019 Tutorial 020 Tutorial 021

(I just realized I misspelled Shinju’s name. Woops! Let’s fix that before I continue.)

Now let’s hop into Lackey to see if I did everything right.

Tutorial 022

Everything looks right.

All that work for just ONE card? That must be time consuming and boring.

Yes, it is, but I don’t regret spending time this way.

You could be spending this time working on Pretty Witch Academy.

Give me a break. I’m waiting for some feed back before I rush into releasing “Chapter 2”. Now let’s make some more cards.

Whatever. If you don’t mind, I’m going to kill some time doing something more interesting. Call me when you’re done, k?

(About an hour later.)

I’m done!

Domain Fu Hero Fu Itsuki Hero Itsuki Togo Virgo Yuki Hero Yuki

Wow! That’s a lot of cards. Wait… Why does Fu only get a boost while you control Itsuki.

Well, Itsuki is her pillar of strength where Karin is her “waifu”. Her character arc centered around Itsuki, not Karin.

Allowing Characters to gain +1/+1 Counters for free even if they are replaced with -1/-1 Counters at end of turn seems a little too powerful.

I’m realizing that myself I’ll try to fix that.

I thought milling the opponent was Water’s thing.

It is, but other elements may borrow an element’s theme from time to time. Water doesn’t really attack, so I gave it’s more aggressive cousin Ice to the Vertex.

This can’t be all the screen shots you took.

It isn’t, but I currently can’t think of any effects to give to the rest. I’ll save them for later, if necessary.

Is this the only episode you’re going to make cards from?

No. I’ll eventually convert the remaining eleven episodes, but I won’t probably post the cards here unless my followers request it.

What followers?

I can dream can’t I? TT_TT

Do as you please. Just let me know you’re working on Pretty Witch Academy.


3 thoughts on “How to make an Animegeddon Card

  1. Hi there, I recently tried your game “Pretty Witch Academy”. If you would like any help with the game, I’d love to since I have a lot of free time.


    1. I’d be grateful with any help I can get. Unless you can sprite (which is my primary point of concern at this moment), I guess you could help by lending some constructive criticism or story ideas, ideas for characters as I’ll need to start populating the school with npcs and I don’t want to clone the same five characters a couple hundreds time like most RPGs. If I could, I’d like to give Girlfriend Beta or Koihime Musou for number of background characters.


      1. Can’t say I know how to do sprite work, but I know a friend who’s doing it and he said he’s interested in helping you. What I can help you with is the later though. I’ve been interested in literature all my life and I read a lot of books in my spare time (however, they are mostly military books).

        Reach me on Skype at: sayurimatsuri


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