A Little Errata and an Example of How to Play Animegeddon

After a few test plays, I’ve learned that I needed to change Rise of the Bears effect.

That didn’t take long.

As it happens, bears having a means to swarm and get +1/+1 Counters in the same card proved a little too powerful. Here’s the new Rise of the Bears:


Also I’d like to do a little tutorial to show how the game is played. For this I think some introductions are in order.


Hello everyone. For all intents purpose this “me”.

Why do I get the feeling you don’t even look anything close to that IRL? (For starters aren’t you a guy?)

This my fictional counterpart, the very embodiment of Elkat.


Also I will need an opponent…

I’d honored.

I’m sorry, my beloved had some one else in mind.

Who the hell are you?

I’d like to introduce everyone to Cariend. She is fictional!Elkat’s love interest.


It’s nice to meet everyone in this form.

Because the real you can’t get a girlfriend, you created one for your online alter ego. That’s totally not pathetic at all!

Excuse me straw commenter, but I would prefer it if you kept your criticisms of my master at a minimum.

What will you do if I don’t?

I. Will. Kill. You!♥

Y, yes ma’am… (Why am I getting a yandere vibe here?)

Now if that’s done, let’s get to playing a game of Animegeddon using two decks I made from the first episode of Yuri Kuma Arashi. Which deck do you prefer Cariend: “Schoolgirl Lesbians” or “Bears! Oh My!”

I think I will play bears. In both test games we played, that deck appeared to have the advantage despite having fewer actual characters.

As you wish. Now let’s get started. We each shuffle our decks and draw a hand of five cards.

Game 001

Now let’s determine who’s going to play first. Do you mind if I play first, Cariend?

I always allow you to play first master. After all, it’s so rare for you to take the lead in our relationship.

So the fantasy girlfriend wears the pants. Good to know.

*Ahem* Moving on. At the start of each player’s turn they draw a card. The following cards are in my hand.

Feast 2GinkoSumikaErikoSumikaSchool

I just drew Stormhigh-School. Since I have to copies of Sumika, I’ll put one of them into my Resources. Once per turn, a player can put a card from his/her hand into the Resources. Cards in the Resources can be spent to play cards.

Then I’ll play Stormhigh School. Locations can be played for free, but only one location can be played per turn.

Now I will spend my only Resource and play Sumika who has a Resource Cost of 1. (Resource Cost is shown in the upper right corner). To play a non-Location card, you must discard the number of cards shown in the Resource Cost from your Resources.

As I play Sumika, the effect of Stormhigh activates, putting a “Lesbian Schoolgirl” token in play.


It’s only the first turn and you already have three cards in play! Slow down!

Master prefers speed over strength. Because of this, she lacks stamina and usually wins quickly or not at all. It’s a less attractive trait of hers, but I love her nonetheless.

I take it your the slow and steady type?

If you mean I prefer to take my time and build a few strong characters to win the game, then you would be correct. Since you have no more resources and have already played a Location this turn, may I take my turn, master?

Go ahead.

I draw Licking Lips in Anticipation. These are the cards in my hand:

CoolLulu BearStatuesGinko

Lulu BearLips

I’ll put a Lulu into my resources as I an excess of her and spend her to play Ginko. This ends my turn.

That’s all?

With my limited Resources, I could only play a single card with a Resource Cost of 1. However, by the start of my turn I expect to have more resources.

How are you going to do that?

Please demonstrate the act of attacking master.

I will, but let me draw a card first.

I drew this card:


It seems I don’t have any extra copies of a single card or really expensive cards that I can put in my resources so I think I’ll hold onto the cards in my hand this moment. Let’s attack.

Each Character a player controls that has in play since the end of their last turn can attack or use effects with “Exhaust this Character”. Characters can only attack on their player’s turn, but they can use “Exhaust this Character” effects on any player’s turn (unless an effect says otherwise).

To attack, I must Exhaust a Renewed Character. Exhausting a card turns it side ways. I’ll attack with Sumika.

*Cough* Tapping *cough*

I’ll pretend that I didn’t hear that. Once an attacked Character is exhausted, I declare which Player that Character is attacking. Since it’s a one on one game, I don’t really have an choices, but to attack Cariend. Cariend can choose to take the attack and be dealt damage or block with a Renewed Character. (Any card that isn’t Exhausted is considered Renewed.)

I won’t block as need the Resources.

Since Cariend didn’t block, she is dealt damage equal to the attacking Character’s Weapon. (The number before the slash in the middle-right side of the card.)

But doesn’t Sumika have a Weapon of 0?

Normally, yes, but you’re forgetting an effect. Stormhigh-School gives all Yuri Characters +1/+0. So Sumika and the token both have a Weapon of 1.

Oh, I see… Wait a minute! Isn’t attacking disadvantageous? You’re pretty much giving your opponent Resources!

Yes and no. The goal of the game is to reduce the number of cards in each opponent’s deck to 0. While I grant my opponent a long term advantage by giving them Resources, I also grant them a long term disadvantage by reducing the number of cards left in their deck. Even though a player may play more cards on their turn because of taking damage, if they take too much damage at any given time can flood them with more Resources they can spend and thin their deck relatively quickly. Attacking is a double edged sword for both players.

Oh, I see. Proceed.

I add the top card of my deck to my Resources. Life Sexy is now in my Resources.


I then attack with the token. Will you block, Cariend?

No. I still desire Resources. I add Romance of the Yuri Kuma to my Resources from the top of my deck.

Romance 2

Now that I’ve attacked and still have no cards I can play, I shall end my turn.

I draw Rise of the Bears at the start of my turn.


I shall discard Life Sexy from my Resources to play Life Cool.

Does it matter which card is discarded to play Resources?

In decks that run more than one element, what cards you discard from your Resources matters. To play a card with a Resource Cost, at least one of the cards discarded from your Resources has to share an element with it. Cards with multiple elements have an advantage as they can pay for any card it shares an element with, but still only counts as one card. Since both decks are built around a single element: Love (Lesbian Schoolgirls) and Wood (Bears! Oh my!).

Oh, I see.

That ends my turn.

You’re not going to attack even though Ginko has a Weapon of 1?

Wood is a defensive element and is more advantageous to be passive.

Okay, whatever you say.

At the start of each player’s turn, before they draw, they Renew (turn upright) each Exhausted Character they control.

*Cough* Untap Phase *Cough*

… After Renewing Sumika and the Token I draw a Ginko Yurishiro, Bear in Human’s Clothing.


Objection! That’s a bear card.

It’s also a yuri card. (The decks share this version of Ginko and Lala due to the lack of characters.) Once again, I will attack with Sumika and the Token.

I shalln’t block either attack. Another Romance of the Yuri Kuma and a Crunching of Hungry Fangs is placed in my Resources from the top of my deck.


I end my turn.

I hope this doesn’t become a pattern. I’m starting to get bored.

Worry not. I now possess enough Resources to play a certain card in my hand. I draw an additional copy of Rise of the Bears at the start of my turn. I will discard the three cards in my Resources to play Lala. Then I will end my turn.

But you have two copies of Rise of the Bears. Shouldn’t you put one of them in my Resources.

While it’s okay to put extra copies of Characters without Faceless or similar keywords and Locations in your Resources, placing Items with Irreplicable or Skills in your Resources is usually counter productive as you can have as many copies of a single Item in play as you want (unless it has Irreplicable) and Skills usually leave play after they are played (or stay in play and have effects that can stack). You can only have one copy of any given Character or Location in play at a time.

That makes sense… I guess.

I draw an extra copy of Homoerotic Biting. I will attack once more.

Let me guess. Cariend isn’t going to guard either attack.

On the contrary. I will take the first attack, adding Lulu Yurigasaki, Bear in Human Clothes to my Resources from my Deck.


I will spend her to play Licking Lips in Anticipation, targeting Ginko.

Skills can played during either player’s turn unless it’s effect says otherwise.

I shall block the second attack with Ginko.

To block, like attacking, a player Exhausts a Renewed Character he or she controls. When a Character it is blocked, it deals damage to the blocking Character equal to its Weapon and vice versa.

Through the effect of Licking Lips in Anticipation, I place a +1/+1 Counter on Ginko. Because I control a Character named “Lulu Yurigasaki” and there is a +1/+1 Counter on Ginko, her weapon raises to 3, dealing 3 damage to the token.

When a Character is dealt a total amount of damage in a turn greater than its Armor value, it is defeated and moved to the Cemetery from play. Since the Character dealt damage this way not only has an Armor of 0 and is defeated, but is also a Token and thus is removed from play instead of being put in the Cemetery.

So Cariend boded her time and blocked only when it would be advantageous to her. Pretty smart. But didn’t her Character get dealt damage too?

A measly 1 damage to a Character with now 2 Armor (thanks to the +1/+1 Counter). Also, damage Characters accumulate during a turn are removed at the end of turn. Anyways, now that I’ve attacked, I’ll end my turn.

I draw a Ginko Yurishiro, Yuri Akuma at the start of my turn.

Ginko Bear

I will attack with both Ginko and Lulu.

Since I control no attacking Characters, I must take both attacks. Since since both Cariend’s Ginko and Lulu have a Weapon of 3, I’m dealt six damage. These cards were added to my Resources from Deck:


Ouch! That was a heavy blow!

That ends my turn.

I draw another Draw Feast of the Yuri Kuma at the start of my turn.

I’ll spend one Resource to play Eriko, activating Stormhigh’s effect and putting a Schoolgirl Lesbian token in play. As Eriko comes into play, I will pay two more Resources to play her effect and put two more Schoolgirl Lesbian tokens in play. Then I’ll pay another Resource to play the Ginko from my hand, putting another Schoolgirl Lesbian Token in play. I’ll pay a Resource to play a Feast of the Yuri Kuma, Exhausting Eriko to pay it’s additional cost and targeting Sumika and Ginko. A +1/+1 Counter is placed on each Character. Since I control three or more Characters, a +1/+1 Counter is placed on Eriko. I spend my last Resource to play the other Feast of the Yuri Kuma, this time Exhausting Ginko and targeting Sumika and Eriko. I also gain two more Schoolgirl Lesbian Tokens off playing the Feast of the Yuri Kuma cards. A +1/+1 Counter is placed on each of the three characters. Now I’ll attack with Sumika.

Wait a second! Give me a minute to catch up! Did you just get eight Characters off playing just four cards?


And did you just turn two of those Characters into 3/3’s and the last into 4/3?



Sorry, but this is the only way I know to play (though I think the Resource Cost of Feast of the Yuri Kuma may need to be raised to balance it better).

I shalln’t block Sumika. These cards were added to my Resources:

Ginko BearStatuesBeauty

That ends my turn.

I draw another Ginko Yurishiro, Yuri Kuma. I add it to my resources. I will attack with Ginko and Lulu.

I’ll take both attacks and add the following cards to my Resources:


Um, shouldn’t you have blocked at least one of those attacks? You have the tokens to spare.

There’s a method to my madness.

I spend three Resources and Transform the Ginko I have in play to play the Ginko Yurishiro, Yuri Kuma from my hand. By the effect of Transform, it comes in play with an additional +1/+1 Counter on it.

Transform is a special key word that allows a player offer a Character to play another of the same name (all words before a coma in a card’s name is considered to be its name for the purposes of its effect) with a +1/+1 Counter on it. Offer Characters are considered defeated and put in the Cemetery. A character can only be offered by its the player that controls it.

I hate to point this out, but wouldn’t it be wiser to have Transformed Ginko and then attacked with her?

Transformed Charcters are still treated as newly put in play Characters for the sake of rules and keeping players from launching an attack with a Character, offering it and launching an attack with the Transformed Character.

Okay. I don’t really understand, but I won’t bother asking any more questions.

I end my turn.

I draw Kureha.


I’ll discard a Resource to play her, getting another Schoolgirl Lesbian Token. Then I’ll pay 1 Resource to play a Homoerotic Biting, targeting Ginko and getting another Schoolgirl Lesbian Token. I’ll spend the last four of my Resources to use the effect added to Ginko by Homoerotic Biting four times, dealing four damage to Cariend’s Lulu and giving Ginko +4/+0 until end of turn. Lulu is defeated.

You spent 5 Resources to turn Ginko into a 9/3 and kill a Character?!

Like I said, there’s a method of to my madness. Now I’ll attack with the six tokens I got last turn, Sumika, Eriko and Ginko.

That’s going to be a total of 25 damage!

I’ll block Ginko with Beauty Cool and take the other 13 damage. The following cards are added to my Resources:

SexyLulu BearGinkoRise

FangsRiseLuluGinkoGinko BearStairwell

This getting out of hand!

Maybe. I end my turn.

I draw another Rise of the Bears at the start of my turn. I end my turn.

I draw a Mitsuko at the start of my turn.


I attack with all my Characters.

That’s a total of 24 damage!

I’ll play Licking Lips and Rise of the Bears, putting two +1/+1 Counters on Lulu and block Ginko, taking the rest. My Lulu deals four damage to Master’s Ginko, defeating the Ginko. Since I’m taking twenty damage, I will not bother to show which cards are placed in my Resources. Unfortunately, that leaves me with one left in my deck. I will loose on the start of my next turn.

I end my turn.

Draw the last card of my deck. (The card’s identity is irrelevant at this point and lose.)

That’s a pathetic way to lose.

Maybe, but I rather die fighting, than lay down and wait to die.

That’s how a game of Animegeddon works. It’s a little slow at the start and picks up speed as the game proceeds. Unfortunately, it seems I have balance Bears, but need to rebalance Yuri.

You think?

Well, I better get going so I’ll end this post here. The next time I post I should have an update on Pretty Witch Tactics. (I hope.)

You better.



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