Anime Preview: Yuri Kuma Arashi Ep.1

I decided to make the Yuri Kuma Arashi set as the episodes are released.

Aren’t you suppose to be working on Pretty Witch Tactics?

I am! It’s just taking me time to get the next demo ready. I figured I needed to post something for my followers.

Fine, well show us what you’ve done.

Akae Bear Beauty Biting 1 Biting Cool Court Eriko Fangs Feast 1 Feast 2 Feast Flower Ginko Bear Ginko Konomi Kureha Lily Lips Love Lover Lulu Bear Lulu me! Mitsuko Rise Romance 2 Romance School Sexy Stairwell Statues Sumika Wall Yuri Yurika

Holy crap! That’s a lot cards for just one episode!

This is typical for certain anime. Early episodes will give many cards while later episodes give fewer cards.

Wait a minute! Three of those characters have the exact same effect and they’re not the same card!

Unfortunately there wasn’t much I could do with those characters. I made them only because they were named and they are bound to change if they are developed more in later episodes.

Riiight. Also why are the Tokens 0/0?

Well the students are individually powerless and are only strong in numbers.

Well they look nice, I guess, but I’m not here for cards! I’m here for Pretty Witch Academy.

I’m working on it! I swear! Just keep your panties on and I will post the new demos when they’re done.

Fine. Don’t take too long.

I won’t. (I hope.)


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