Bears, bears, bears! Animegeddon Update

With the second episode of Yuri Kuma Arashi, I’ve made some changes and made some new cards.


Well it turns out, there was more to certain characters than I initially thought.

Okay. Let’s see them.

DuckExit EyesKonomi Bear KonomiLicking 2 LickingMitsuko Bear Mitsuko Phone PhotoRomance 3ShowerFeast 1 Feast 2 Feast

Amongst the more important changes is “Konomi Yurikawa, Lesbian Schoolgirl” and” “Mitsuko Yurizono, Lesbian Schoolgirl” have been renamed to “Konomi Yurikawa, Bear in Human’s Clothing” and “Mitsuko Yurizono, Bear in Human’s Clothing”. I’ve also raised the cost of “Feast of the Yurikuma” in an attempt to balance it better. Also the “Romance of the Yuri Kuma” above is simply an alternate art rather than replacing its official art.

I see. A lot of cards from a single from a single episode…so what does Small mean.

When a Character with Small blocks or is blocked by a Character without Small, it gets +0/+1 until end of turn. I’d love to discuss the cards in greater detail, but it’s currently very late at night when I’m typing this and I need to retire for the night.



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