How I nearly killed Pretty Witch Academy (by accident) and weekly Animegeddon: Yuri Kuma Arashi Update

Hay this something I intended to post a few days ago but apparently never got posted for some reason (I didn’t know it didn’t get posted until today.) Please enjoy.

You read correctly. I nearly killed Pretty Witch Academy by accident! KUMA SHOCK!You did what!?!

Key word “accident”. Apparently windows decided to crash and I (like a moron) decided to try save the project file for PWA so that I could force shut down and restart my laptop. That apparently corrupted my file (meaning that I couldn’t open the file in RMVX Ace) and I was afraid that all my hard work was lost, but I didn’t give up and instead used my brain. Creating a second project called “Pretty Witch Academy 2”, I copied it’s project file and game file and pasted them into the Pretty Witch Academy file and tried opening the project file. Guess what! I was successful. Because all maps and game information is stored individual files separate from the project file, all my hard work was salvaged!


Sorry. I just felt I should report this to demonstrate the hardships a game maker had to go through. Now that’s out of the way, let’s get on to the main course: New cards and edited older cards! Some changes first:


Reason for change: Blocking is rare in the course of Animegeddon, thus it would make more sense if Beauty gives Bears just a passive buff.


Reason for change: Wood doesn’t have many effects that add -1/-1 Counters to character and (again) blocking is rare. A reactive effect that discourages attacking makes more sense.


Reason for changing: Character was expanded beyond initial interpretation. As the leader of the invisible storm, she is the primary means of producing yuri tokens. Her secondary effect represents the invisible storm’s desire to shun anybody who doesn’t meet their ideals.


Reason for change: Giving Yuri Characters multiple passive boosts prove to be unbalancing (adding an unnecessary power to a strategy based around speed). By changing the effect into something that puts two token cards in play and putting a +1/+1 counter on each of them will provide two characters worthy of spending three resources.


Reason for change: Bears have no method of countering human swarm. Hopefully, this will help bears make up for being “slower” than humans.


Reason for changing: Better art and expanded role beyond initial impression.

Wait, there’s no cards named Reia Tsubaki. This card’s secondary effect is useless.

Be patient. I’m going to make one…eventually. Cards contemplating editing: Ginko & Lulu Reason for considering editing: Getting a total boost of +3/+0 (making them +4/+1 or +5/+3 in bear form) is a little devastating, even if bears are supposed be power over speed. Contemplated solution: Change secondary boost from +2/+0 to a +1/+0 and changing conditions of boost from having two or more other yuri/bear characters to a player having a Character named “Kureha Tsubaki”. Kureha Reason for contemplating editing: See Ginko and Lulu. Contemplated solution: Same as Ginko and Lulu except replacing the condition to a player controlling a character named “Ginko Yurishiro”. Akae Reason for contemplating editing: Correcting possibly name misspelling and applying an effect that suits her (little) role in the story. Contemplated solution: Change name to correct misspelling. Change effect that reflects her part taking in the Kuma Alarm.

Zzz… What? Sorry. I fell asleep. Are you revealing the new cards yet?

*Rolls eyes* I guess can do that.


Blossoming of Black Lilies: Intended Purpose: Help bears grow “stronger” without building +1/+1 Counters too quickly.

This card is for bears? It clearly exhausts two Yuri cards.

You can turn non-yuri bears into yuri cards with Romance of the Yurikuma so stop belly aching.


Licking Lips in Anticipation

Wait a minute! That’s an old card with a new art!

Technically its an alternate art.

You really like those alternate arts, don’t you?


Funeral Photo

Another alternate art?


Cool. Nothing to see here. Move along.


Threesome of the Yuri Kuma: Intended purpose: Power Up a single yuri card and possibly recycle the skill.

So it’s reverse Feast. (At least it’s not another alternate art for Feast.)

That’s all folks.

What?! There more cards you could have made from the episode.

There probably is, but I either didn’t have any ideas for them or didn’t take a screenshot of them. When the series is over, I’ll go back and try to make cards for them.

Fine. I guess this will be the end of the post.

Yep. I don’t much else to say at this moment in time. Talk to you later.



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