Weekly Animegeddon: Yuri Kuma Arashi Update

This week I’ve updated many cards to a new effect phrasing I’ve adopted. As a result, I might not be able to show all cards at once. For this reason, I’ll list a number of changes I’ve made.For starters effects on most cards (save for skills that don’t stay in play after they’re played) are divided into three categories:

[Passive] These effects are always active as long as the card is in play (or not in play if the effect states so).

[Action] A cost must be paid to activate these effects. Characters cannot use [Action] effects during the turn they are put in play (unless they have Reckless).

[Reaction] These effects activate when certain conditions are met.

The Invisible Storm:

AkaeErikoSchool Memorial Yuri

With the identity of the Invisible Storm, I’ve decided to change many of the cards that were mono-love to ice/love cards.

First Yuki Yunna, now Yuri Kuma? Are Ice and Wood enemies?

Not necessarily, but I felt the Invisible Storm’s method of determining which girls are “evil” smacks of control and there’s no element better suited to control than ice.

Kureha and Allies:

Kureha Sumika Yurika

Adding the Wood element?

As it seems that the bears (or at least Ginko and Lulu) are on Kureha’s side, it only makes sense to give her and her few allies the wood element.

The Court of Severance:

Beauty Bear Beauty Cool Bear Cool Court Sexy Bear Sexy

Transform’s been changed?

Yes, since what part of a character’s name is used to determine which characters can be offered to pay Transform’s cost, I figured it would be easier to simply have Transform list what word must be in a Character’s name to eligible to be Transformed. To put simply all instances of Transform: (Name) should be read Transform: (Name) ([Reaction] When this Character is played, you can offer a Character named “(Name)”. If you do, this Character is put in play with an additional +1/+1 Counter on it.)

Ginko and Lulu:

Bee Ginko Bear Ginko Lulu Bear Lulu Princess Ginko Princess Lulu Heir Princess Lulu Trial Princess Lulu

Ginko no longer gets a boost while you control Lulu?

I fear not. Lulu’s love is one sided (sadly).

The Royal Family:

Attendants King and Queen Kingdom Mirun Bear MirunRoyal Assassination

This must be the first love Character in the set that isn’t a Yuri card. Is there a purpose to Royal Assassination except to trigger Mirun’s effect?


Last, but not least the “evil” bears:

Konomi Bear Konomi Mitsuko Bear Mitsuko

Nothing’s really changed.

Nope. There’s little I can do to change their effects. Well, I better call it a night. See you later.



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