Weekly Animegeddon: Yuri Akuma Arashi Update and Belated PWA update

Some unexpected delays.

So I wanted to release the next demo for Pretty Witch Academy last week (or maybe the week before), but I decided to start making a world(?) map for Yurishima and I began to realize the maps don’t line up causing me to redesign entire maps and after creating a 4-5 more new maps, I’ve decided to take a break . . . and play Skyrim. Long story short, I’ve put off working on PWA for a while. I’ll try to spare some time to work on this game this week . . . I hope. I also want to rework how encounters work as I find random encounters to be a little too intrusive when you’re trying to get from the school to the port town. Once I rework how random encounters work, I’ll upload the next demo.

You better hurry.

Now onto the weekly Yuri Kuma Arashi show case.

Invisible Storm:


Yuri Kuma and the Tsubaki Family:

BathGinko Horny

Fantasy KurehaKureha SaviorReiaKureha ChildhoodFantasy Kureha2


BlindingLicking 3Photo3    Apron



I realized this card was mistyped (originally it read Bear instead of Yuri in its effect).


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