Sidetracking and unexpected delays

This week, before I dive into the weekly YKA episodic card show, I must apologize for not getting the next update to Pretty Witch Academy out.

Let met guess: Skyrim?

Not this time. While I had been playing Skyrim heavily earlier the last week, my tardiness is actually caused by trying to diversify the mapped encounters on the forest maps of Yurishima. You see, whilst test playing battles, starting with the portion of the map just North of Seiren Port, I needed some after battle healing and buy some more healing items, but alas, I hadn’t really created any merchants for the port so I had to do that and after that was done I decided to start being creative with the encounters. Instead of randomly being ambushed by a bearserker and having to kill it. You have the option to give the bearserker honey and have her leave you alone, rewarding you with XP. Simple enough?

Well I wanted to have a scene after the battle if you fought the bearserker where she states with her dying breathe “I only wanted to feed my cubs…”. The problem was very technical and I won’t bore you with the details (or spend most of this post explaining the inner workings of RMVX Ace so those of you who never used the program understand my woes). Well I managed to get things to work out, but I needed more monsters than just bearserkers/bearserker cubs. So I created warwolves and warwolf cubs. Still no problems. The problems arose again when I went to create the third monster for the map; elves. With each monster, there is a 1-in-4 chance of dropping a card that can be used in playing a little mini game.

The cards had no effect on the actual game it self and the mini game was relatively insignificant to the main plot. As a result, I never really worked expanding the mini game’s subplot. So I had to make a hard decision and remove the mini game from the project. But I didn’t want to make all my hard work making the card (item) go to waste, so I created my own custom template (the card template used by the mini game is actually created by the script maker and I didn’t feel right using it) and recreated the cards by hand. The cards now can be used from the item menu to show you the card, but once again has no outright effect on game play.

Aren’t you just walking circles?

Yes and no. Presently the cards have no real purpose except serve as a fun new take on the bestiary and I do play on having some reward for the player if they can collect all the cards, but I haven’t decided what it will be.

What about the T**a and Y**i cameos? They no longer have a reason to exist.

Again yes and no. I’m actually considering having them be the introduction of a mini game where the player selects up to eight cards from her collection to summon them as “party members” and fight against eight monsters summoned by T-chan or Y-chan. If you’re familiar to Dragon Quest VIII, it’s pretty much based on the monster arena mini game from it.

So the reason you’re delaying the next demo is for something so minor?

Yes. I’m sorry. I’d like to say I’d get it done by this week, but I can’t make promises that I don’t know if I can’t keep. I will try to post updates.

Fine. Tell you aren’t delaying the Yuri Kuma Arashi card update this week?

Of course not! Here’s this week’s cards.

Kuma Shock!

Apparently I never posted the original art for this card (left) and only realized now that I’m posting an alternate art card. :p

Shock Shock Alt

Flash Grenade: Because there’s not enough randomly off element cards in this set.


More support for poor neglected ice.

Letter  Exclusion Meeting Tale Bonding

Akae got renamed to represent that she too once lead the Invisible Storm. (So how much you wanna bet Mitsuko slept with her as well.)


While we’re on the topic of cards, I think I will post some of the newly made cards I made for PWA:

Slime CardSlime Card Back

School Ghoul CardSchool Ghoul Card Back

Running Dead CardRunning Dead Card Back

Swimming Dead CardSwimming Dead Card Back

Jumping Dead CardJumping Dead Card Back


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