Pretty Witch Academy Update: Monster Card Battles are a go!

As promised, I’m posting an update for PWA.

Today I managed to take a step forward and a step backward. I unfortunately had to disable the “random” encounters on the forest road between St. Sayuri and Seiren Port. Why? I don’t like grinding in RPGs and thus I’ve been keeping the enemies within the level range of the average level of the player’s party. Originally the road of between the school and the port town as first traversed (in story) as a part of the second “quest” (the search of Dr. Victoria), but I removed the event that caused you to go to Seiren and thus I have no means gauging how strong monsters along that road should be until I create another event that will lead the player there.

On good news, I’ve got the replacement events for T-chan and Y-chan started and it works mostly without a hinge. I’m looking forward to developing this mini game.

Since I reworked some stats, I’m test playing through to make sure the gamer remains balance, though I might have the finished demo update up soon.


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