PWA Updated

I managed to update the game at… a cost.

I was experimenting with the monster battle system and I wound up screwing things up, forcing me to temporary remove it from the game. However, I will return it to the game in a later update, once I’ve finished working on the plot events.

In this update the third couple is introduced:

Bianca Card

A cold prodigy with a dark secret.

Amara Card

And a girl who lives in her own world.

Anyhow is the game itself. I apologize not being able to provide half of the things I wanted to add with the last update. I will try to release the next update in a timely fashion.

Oh, BTW, I’ve added the following scripts to the game:

Yanfly’s Ace Engine – Ace Shop Options

Yanfly’s Ace Engine – Ace Item Menu


EST – Clone Actor v1.1

Many thanks to Yanfly and Estriole for their wonderful scripts.


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