Weekly Update Yuri Kuma Arashi

This week I provide more new cards and ton of changes to old cards (the horrors of R&D).

Starting with the new:

Biting 2 Bullies Ginko Cub Memories Photo4 Reveal Ship Tank

And now the cards that were changed:

Akae Battlefield Eriko Kaoru Letter Memorial School Yuri

First up to the bat is Ice and it’s “Invisible Storm” archetype. I had to change them on account that 1.) Ice couldn’t run on its own two legs (and thus needed some filler) and I’m not sure we’ll get much more from them; 2.) Ice produced tokens too quickly.

Ginko Konomi Bear Lulu Mitsuko Bear Princess Ginko Princess Lulu Heir Princess Lulu Trial Princess Lulu

Team Bear:

I had to change Princes Ginko’s and Lulu’s names so that they are no longer considered separate characters from the normal Lulu and Ginko. I also made a majority of the characters more aggressive so that they can attack, portraying their predatory nature better.

Once I’ve made cards for the last episode of Yuri Kuma Arashi and done all my test playing, I’ll release the set with the Animegeddon plugin for Lackey for anyone who interested. If people are interested, I’m also willing to take requests for other anime they want to see converted into sets. Here’s a small list of anime I’ve already did sets for:

-Black Butler: Book of Circus

-Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle (I had a set for the original season of Chaika on my old laptop that I need to recreate).

-Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (Season 1; I had a set for the original Fate/Stay Night anime on my old laptop that I need to recreate).

-Fate/Prisma Kalied Liner Illya & Fate/Prisma Kaleid Liner Illya Zwei part one.


-Futsu no Joshikousei ga Locodol Yatte Mita

-Momokyun Sword


Here’s a list of sets I started, but have yet to complete:

-Is This a Zombie? & Is this a Zombie? Of the Dead

-Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

-Tokyo Ghoul

-Yuki Yuna is a Hero

Sets that were on my old laptop I need to recreate:

-Lagrange the Flower of Rin-ne

-Koihime Musou (Only the first season)


-El Cazador De La Bruja

-Tenshi Muyo: War on Geminar

-Puella Magi Madoka Magica

-Girls Und Panzer


-Blade & Soul

-Akuma no Riddle

-No Game, No Life

-Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san


Sets I plan on creating in the future:


-Koihime Musou (seasons 2 & 3)

-InuYasha: A Feudal Fairytale

-Kantai Collect

-Avatar: The Last Airbender & Avatar: The Legend of Korra (Yes, I know this isn’t anime)

-Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

-World Conquest Zvezda Plot

-Amagi Brilliant Park

-Denki-ga to Honya-san

-Girlfriend Beta

-Sword Art Online II


-Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Magical GIrl Lyrical Nanoha A’s & Nanoha StrikerS

-Any anime from future seasons.


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