Lesbians & Labyrinths: Yuri options for 3.5 Dungeons & Dragons (Kumalia)

Sorry it took me so long to make this post, but I was sidetracked by working on the Yuki Yuna set for Animegeddon. Without further ado I present the goddess Kumalia!

Mother of Bears, Warrior of Love
Lesser Deity (Lawful Neutral)
Kumalia is the goddess of all bears and the protector of love. Before humanoids she takes the form a beautiful woman in golden armor with long, silvery hair and porcelain skin. Her eyes are the color of the sky itself and two, white angel-like wings extend from her back. In her hands she carries a fierce, doubled-headed great axe forged from light made solid that is as a beautiful as it is deadly. Before bears, her form is not much different save for she is a silver-pelted bear of immense size instead of a human woman.
She champions young lovers, especially those whose love is deemed amoral or “evil” in the eyes of humanity and other self-righteous societies. No one whose willing to fight for love is truly evil in her eyes, as long as they never lose sight of their reason for fighting. Because she takes no interest in the conflict between the forces of good and evil, her followers are often looked upon with disdain and distrust. They themselves often pity such black-and-white thinking and will go out of their way to not upset these people if possible, though they will not compromise their own beliefs to humor chaste heroes or loveless criminals.
Since life is born of love, those who oppose love do not deserve to live. Those willing to die for their love, on the other hand don’t deserve to die. As a result, Kumalia protects those willing to fight for their love and punishes those who give up on love. Those willing to not back down on love will find themselves with the strength fight the worst odds and never lose hope even when it appears all of their peers have turned against them. Those choose to become invisible, on other hand, will know her wrath as her followers hunt them down and take from them what they have no right to possess; their life.
Portfolio: Bears, love, lilies
Domains: Animal, Law, War
Cleric Training: Many who wear Kumalia’s holy vestments find were once homeless orphans, lost and alone until the light of love was cast upon them. Because of this, her clerics consider the clergy to be their family. Older clerics take upon mentoring their younger peers in relationships that often blossom into passionate romances. Love is life and thus her clerics are expected learn the ectasy of love and the pain of its lost. When an apprentice completes her training, her romance with her mentor ends so that she devote herself to loving another apprentice and spreading the word of love.
Quests: The clerics of Kumalia tend to the soldiers wounded in the battle against nonbelievers, as well as taking in orphans and condemning those who turn their back on love.
Prayers: To pray to Kumalia is to confess one’s undying love to another person and swearing to never back down on love, asking for the strength to keep their promises.
Temples: Deep within heavily wooded forests there churches where her followers gather to give prayer and socialize. Rarely are these churches are found in human lands due to her followers preying upon mankind, but hidden alters can be found in places where lovers sneak off to meet, secret sanctuaries where love can be practiced without judged being by oppressive societies.
Rites: The rites of Kumalia often take the form of declaring one’s love for another or protecting those whose love is threatened by those who rather become “invisible”.
Herald and Allies: Kumalia uses dire bears as her herald. Her planar allies are Azer.
Favored Weapon: Greataxe.
Holy Symbol: Four small hearts above a larger, upside-down heart, arranged in the shape of a paw print.


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