Plucking Lily Petals: Rolling Girls ep. 7 & 8

The last two episodes of The Rolling Girls introduced two minor characters who piqued my interest. While not all that important to the plot and unlikely they are to return after their role in the story is over, I felt I should still talk about them.

In these episodes the girls had to Kyoto which is policed by two vigilante groups: the Kamogawa Rockers and “Maikos, We Are” (they tend to speak in an usual matter that I’m guessing is some form of old Japanese).

Rockers vs Maiko (Cropped)

These factions are respectively lead by Misa Ichijou and Chiyo Mame.

Rocker Leader (Cropped)Chiyo (Cropped)

Though they don’t seem to get along now, when Misa is kidnapped during a concert, Chiyo comes to the rescue. When she sees Misa, she is quick to smile and as is quick to frown when Misa gives the cold shoulder.

Chiya (Smile)(Cropped)Chiya (Sad)(Cropped)Chiya (Frown)(Cropped)

She also makes the most adorable of faces.

Later, when walking amongst other members of her group, amongst them an older woman (who is revealed in the next episode to be her mother), they discuss the kidnapping and her mother states how she hates the rockers and glares at one of the maikos who said she liked rock. That maiko asks Chiyo if she too hates rock and she blushes while giving a half-hearted agreement.

Chiyo (Blush)(Cropped)

Later (again) in that episode, the leader of the kidnappers pay Chiyo a visit and discusses her relationship with Misa, particularly Chiyo’s “grudge” against Misa. Chiyo doesn’t look too proud about her bullying of Misa.

Explosion (Cropped) Terminator (Cropped) Top (Cropped)Chiyo (Ashamed)(Cropped)

Her explanation? “Mean, she was . . . ”

As the next episode starts, Chiyo learns that Misa has been released by her kidnappers.

Chiyo (Hiding)(Cropped)

While Misa was thanking the girls for saving her (which they actually didn’t), Chiyo uses all of her ninja skills to . . . hide behind a tree and in the obvious matter ever. One of the girls tries to point her out, but Misa stops her and tells that Chiyo actually believes actually hiding.

Chiyo (Cold Shoulder)(Cropped) Chiyo (Look at me)(Cropped)

Seeing her opportunity, Chiyo decides to face Misa, but Misa won’t look her in the face, despite Chiyo’s best attempts to force her to.

Chiyo (Blush2)(Cropped)

The girls notice how they were acting and one of them asked if they wanted to be friends. Chiyo blushes, utters the fakest denial ever and runs off.

Chiyo (Meeting)(Cropped) Chiyo (Meeting2)(Cropped)

When Chiyo meets with Misa’s (former) kidnapper and discuss Misa’s time as his captive, Chiyo asks him if Misa talked about her, hopeful. When he tells her no, she pouts.


The girls, wondering the exact relationship between the two leaders, decides to invade Misa’s privacy while she slept and watch her memories using that strange camera they have. Big surprise, the girls were close friends.Flashback2(Cropped)

Later that, after the girls have fallen asleep. Someone steals Misa’s heart-stone-thingy that she had been using as a guitar pick. The thief turns out to be Chiyo who remembers how they got their heart-stone-thingys that results in the line above. They promise to always be close even as Chiyo starts her Maiko training, but it seems that afterwards Misa grew distant to Chiyo as the flashback comes to an end.

Chiyo (Searching)(Cropped)

Believing that Misa forgotten her, she tosses their heart-stone-thingys in the river in time for the girls to catch up to find her. They began searching the river and convinced her to help.


Chiyo’s mother happens to come across them and solves the issue with a single swing of her umbrella, splitting the river. After the heart-stone-thingies are recovered, she explains it’s her fault that Misa has been avoiding Chiyo. Apparently she had told Misa to not lead her daughter astray, so that Chiya can become a geisha. Even she didn’t expect Misa to go to such lengths.

Chiyo (Crying)(Cropped)

This leads Chiyo to realize Misa was ignoring her so that Chiyo would stop being half-hearted in becoming a geisha, as Chiyo had been planning on running away from her path she was meant to walk. Chiyo doesn’t take it too well. When she asks couldn’t they have still remained friends, her mother explained to her that Misa was waiting until she to become a Geisha and kept her heart-stone-thingy so close to her as a symbol of hope; a prayer for Chiyo to become a geisha.

Back to Back(Cropped)

Chiyo returns Misa’s hear-rock-thingy and they make up. Thus the episode ends.

Now, you can say that they are just friends and I’ll agree, but not the meaning you may be thinking. As a yuri fan, any particularly strong friendships between two girls has more meaning than just that. Also, we’re unlikely to see the girls again, so allow me to have my cake and eat it too! It’s only because of these two episodes I haven’t dropped this series in boredom (as the main four girls aren’t all that appealing in terms of appearance or personality). I know this is a variation from normal game related stuff, but I figured I needed to cover this couple since Emperor G is not currently recaping the most recent episodes and I’m not following any other yuri blogs at the moment that may talk this series. I don’t know if this will become a reoccuring segment, but I guess we’ll find out in the future. Until then, I’ll go back to my usual stuff.


One thought on “Plucking Lily Petals: Rolling Girls ep. 7 & 8

  1. I must be the only person in the world who’s had nonstop fun with this show so far xD

    Friends is the first step to lovers. Words that ring very true for any real-life couple.

    I am hoping they show up later on, even if it’s just a little something.

    About that PWA though >.>


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