Planting Lilies: Unused Story Ideas

Out of boredom and lack of creativity, I decided to post about some story ideas as of late.
Makai Miko:
Life for a delinquent boss is not easy, especially when your mother is a police officer and your rival is the captain of the kendo team.
When Sento Onimaru picks a fight with what she thought were ordinary humans, she quickly finds herself in over her head as she learns her opponents are actually oni in disguise. Forced to make a contract with the inugami, Kurotsuki, and become his miko, she is not tasked with protecting humanity from evil youkai…when she feels like it.
Where’s the yuri?
She and her rival, Riko Kenryu despise one another…or do they? While they claim to hate each other’s guts, there isn’t a day that doesn’t pass without them thinking one another at least once and not always do they imagine their most hated rivals in a negative light.

Kingdom of Monsters:
In the XX36, the country of Japan is ravaged by giant monsters known as kaiju. After bringing down the strongest of the kaiju, Dragoza, the government begins using their short lived victory to launch project Robo Dragoza. Building a cybernetic mech from the remains of the mighty monster, they quickly learn it possesses a will of it’s own and won’t allow just anyone pilot her. To solve this unforeseen setback, they synthesize a human with the ability to telepathically bond and control Robo Dragoza: Akari. However, humanity has long feared synthetic humans and their savior is met with fear and distrust. Can she overcome the hatred of those she was born to protect?
Where’s the yuri?
Akari’s closest ally and lover takes the form of Kinko, the chief mechanic of Robo Dragoza who falls in love with its artificial pilot at first sight. Even when the rest of humanity has turned her back on Akari, Kinko will always stand by her side.

Queen of the Dead:
Years after the end of the world, a single woman must complete the research her father started and solve the mystery behind the virus that turns all men into mindless cannibals and the mysterious lack of infected women. The first step? Becoming infected. Can she overcome the monstrous hunger that all victims suffer?
Where’s the yuri?
At this point, I had placed more thought into the plot and the workings of the “dead” and less into characters. All I can say for certain that women infected by the virus become more than the usual mindless flesh eating zombies.


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