Let’s Play Luxaren Allure! (Yuri RPG)

After retest-playing the game I once called Pretty Witch Academy (apparently there’s a visual novel with the same already so I had to rename it “Witches of St. Sayuri Academy” to avoid confusion and possible legal issues) for nth time (and honestly kicking myself for messing up some characters’ stats), I’ve developed the desire to simply PLAY a RPG, but didn’t want to waste time playing Skyrim, doing what would amount to nothing (slaughtering every NPC I encountered in the wild, looting their corpses and finding random quests to complete to give me an excuse to go around killing more tings… why are you looking at me like that?), so I went to Google and decided to search for yuri RPGs. I was surprised to get any hits at all (since it seems lesbians and RPGs don’t seem to get together all that often). Amongst them is Luxaren Allure, a game about a girl turning evil and heroine who still loves her or something (honestly I didn’t pay all that much attention to the description; I saw that it was a yuri RPG and decided to play it).

With further ado, let’s play Luxaren Allure!



And thus the game begins with our hero (left) and her beloved (right) getting done with some training.


Before they could go and say . . . wash each other’s back or anything, this woman appears and wants us to find her son.

004 005

Not Castle Darkloft! I mean, it has “Dark” in its name so we know it has be absolutely evil!


Come on! Who doesn’t play around in obviously evil and dangerous castles when they’re a kid!


Well if the guards learned how to not take an arrow in the knee, they’d be allowed to do stuff besides get in the hero’s way! With that done, let’s get exploring this place in case it gets destroyed later on.


Why do I get the feeling I’m going to hate the king?


You don’t say…


I know. Why not come with us or better yet, find the brat for us so we can have some…”alone time”.

011 012

Translation: We can’t go there yet.


What’s this? Does our little heroine has something she wants say? ^_^


Darn! The first chest I see and it’s locked by the plot.


Well it’s confirmed: This place is EVIL!!11


This is why you don’t explore dungeons with bringing a pokemon pimped out in HMs. You don’t know when you need to use Strength.


This doesn’t bode well.


What’s this? A suit of evil armor in an evil castle? Who would have think?!


The armor talked!?! Turn back now girl! Turn! Back!

020 021

Well two years pass and our heroine is taking her girlfriend going M.I.A. very well.

022 023

Yep, the king is a total asshole. Go figure.

024 025

Great, a fetch quest!


I would like to think that the king doesn’t know that he’s asking the heroine to kill her girlfriend, but I wouldn’t put it past this asshole.

027 028

How has the people revolted against this guy? It’s not like the guards would try to protect him or anything.


What can possibly go wrong?


Before I go off on an epic quest, I’ll loot the castle! (The bastard was asking for it!)


I could go on my epic quest … or I can waste time talking to people!


Why am I saving you people again?!


Oh no! Whose going to protect the king if you were to be distracted?! (I’ll make sure my evil lord girlfriend to distract you when she destroys this place.)


In other words, I STILL can’t go this way.


This bridge once lead to Castle Darkloft, before it conveniently broke. I hope doesn’t take the game before the king gets off his lazy ass and rebuilds it.


Off to kill negotiate with some nagas! Not even five minutes out of town when someone’s hailing me!


You go girl! Fuck that prophecy!


Yay! A meat shield– traveling companion!


As long as I don’t run into a zubat every five feet, I think we should be fine.


Time to kick monster ass!


Well it’s not like anybody else was going to take it.


I hate the king.


Boss fight! Let’s kick some ass!


I don’t know what went wrong.


After some healing, shopping and grinding, let’s try this again!


Yay! We won!


So we found a place to make camp and our heroine decides to remember her desperate search for her girlfriend two years ago.


This was as far as her search lead her.


Poor thing.


Now she recalls how their reunion after two years.


Honey, Togo tried to do the same thing and didn’t go to well. How about we sit down and try to talk things out.


Don’t give up girl! You can save her!


The power of love can conquer all!


We enter naga country and what is this? A face sprite? I smell a main character!


I knew it!


Since the nagas are total human hating bitches, Meril let us stay at her place. What’s this?


Ahhhh! Somebody has a crush on the side kick!


I know! He’s a total asshole! Now, if you don’t mind…


Of course!


As long as we don’t have to barter with someone else, this should be easy.


I’m glad you’re giving me the ingredients to create this important plot coupon or I might be angry.

Well that’s it for today. The game been fun so far. You can pick it up over here. Check it out.


6 thoughts on “Let’s Play Luxaren Allure! (Yuri RPG)

    1. If I knew how to record and edit videos and was confident in my ability to make comments while I was playing then I would have. Sadly, I had to take screenshots and make this post after I reached a stopping point. (I was going to make the post during the play, having me add images and comments as I went, but the enter key is one of the few “accept buttons” in RMVX Ace.)


      1. Use Bandicam to record i have a crack which does need to be applied every so often but it records videos into a .avi format and 9 times out of 10 doesn’t lag the game while recording at least for me unlike FRAPS which i used to use at one point which records the videos into a format that cannot be uploaded straight onto youtube.

        As for the comment part you could either just add annotions like some LP’ers do or just record the footage as a playthrough like i do at the end of the day it’s your choice really


  1. Hello! I’m the creator of Luxaren Allure. Thanks so much for playing! I actually like these text-style reviews, as they seem rarer these days, though video reviews are cool, too. ^_^


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