Weekly Animegeddon Update

This week in Animegeddon: Yuri Kuma Arashi show case, I will reveal a slightly new look for cards.

Chouko Oki - Leader of the Invisible Storm Mitsuko Yurizono - Avatar of Desire Door of Friends Homoerotic Biting Kuma Shock! Predatory Lust Alt Art Predatory Lust

You may noticed some changes. To keep a long story. Once upon a time, I made all my cards with Paint.Net, but always ran into a few problems when it came to adding text to the cards:
1.) I could change the font type, size, face or alignment without changing it for all the text I was typing at one time (i.e. effects).2.) Once I finished typing text, I can’t go back to change it so that I have delete entire sentences and retype them in order to correct typos.

To combat this problem I decided to dabble with Gimp 2, a photo editing program I have very little experience using, but do know that text treated as a separate layer that can be edit and portions of the can have the font type, size and face changed. This only created one little problem: All text can only be aligned on the left side, meaning that I would have to figure what I was going to do the name box. To remedy this problem, I decided to kill two birds with one stone, the other being differentiating a card’s name from its title by spacing them apart carefully to give the title the appearance that it was aligned on the right side and have it typed in italics.

I’ve also did some formatting how effects are type, with effect types [Action], [Passive] and [Reaction] being typed in bold face, keywords being typed in both bold and italic face and reminder text being typed in italics. Look forward for more cards using this format.


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