Animegeddon: First Episode Previews!

For fun, I re-started the near-suicidal attempt to make cards for several different anime at once, episode by episode. The purpose of this pain staking process? To explore expand my understanding of the game and try to give attention as many elements at a give time. Without further ado let’s show some cards!

Koufuku Graffiti

Fanasy Ryou - Wearing Nothing but an Apron Fantasy Ryou - Sadistic Bride Kirin Morino - Erotic Eater Rin Morino - Kirin's Mother Ryou Machiko - Erotic Eater Shiina - Erotic Eater

Food Token Memorial Portrait - Ryou's Grandmother

Down the Rabbit Hole Erotic Eating Surprising Revalation

IdolM@ster Cinderella Girls

Hanako - Rin's Dog Mio Honda - Idol Producer - Frightening Man Rin Shibuya - Idol Uzuki Shimamura - IdolGlass SlipperPersistant Scouting

Kantai Collection

Achored Princess - Abyssal Class Admiral - Mysterious Commander Akagi - Akagi Class Aircraft Carrier Atago - Takao Class Heavy Cruiser Destroyer Ha-Class - Abyssal Class Destroyer Destroyer Ro-Class - Abyssal Class Destroyer Destroyer Ro-Class Elite - Abyssal Class Destroyer Fubuki - Fubuki Class Destroyer Hiei - Kongou Class Battleship Jinjtsu - Sendai Class Light Cruiser Kaga - Kaga Class Aircraft Carrier Kirishima - Kongou Class Battleship Kongou - Kongou Class Battleship Mechanical Vehicle Token Mutsuki - Mutsuki Class Destroyer Nagato - Nagato Class Battleship Naka - Sendai Class Light Cruiser Ooyodo - Ooyodo Class Light Cruiser Sendai - Sendai Class Light Cruiser Shoukaku - Shoukaku Class Standard Carrier Yuudachi - Shiratsuyu Class DestroyerCarrier Division 1's BarracksIdolize

Maria the Virgin

Anne - Village Girl Maria - Virgin Witch Maria's Shack Cavalry's Charge Chivalrous Kiss Gathering of Witches Licking Lips

The Rolling Girls

Hyper Maccha Robot Kuniko Shigyou - The Armed Empress Masami Utoku - Maccha Green Masami Utoku - Peace Broker Nozomi Moritomo - Rest Jewelry - Alt Jewelry Blazing RivalryMaccha Combo Maccha Punch Powerful Shockwave

Presently I didn’t create as many cards as I should have from the first episode of Maria on account that I had to cropping issues, but I will make the cards I neglected in the second episode. Also, if I got ANY of the Abyssals wrong, I’m sorry. I’ve tried to my best to identify them with the help of the Kancolle Wiki, but a couple of the different types of destroyers are difficult tell apart.


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