Animegeddon Yuri Kuma Arashi Update and card corrections.

This week have cyborg bears and a small correction on a card from another anime.Akagi - Akagi Class Aircraft Carrier

Correction: Akagi had a totally random first effect that I might have intentionally gave her originally before streamlining the effects of all the carriers. For now this is the correct version of her effect.

Anne - Village Girl Maria - Virgin Witch

Also, I’ve assigned better screen shots to a few cards from Maria the Virgin.

The Tale of the Moon Girl and the Forest Girl (Part 2) Bear Beast Token Bear-Killing Beam Truck - Weapon of Destruction Konomi Yurikawa - Cyborg Bear The Price of Revealing the Truth

Hm… This post seems a little short. I think I will post some more cards from the other anime a little early.

Kantai Collection (ep.2):

Akagi - Bathing Beauty Akatsuki - Akatsuki Class Destroyer Ashigaru - Myoukou Class Heavy Cruiser Atago - Bathing Beauty Fubuki - Bathing Beauty Ooi - Kuma Class Light Cruiser Rensouhou-chan - Shimakaze's Turrets Shimakaze - Shimakaze Class Destroyer Instant Repair Bucket Docks Early Morning Excercise Funbag Airbag Klutzy Collision

Maria the Virgin (Ep.2):

Artemis - Maria's Succubus Cyclops - Summoned by Maria St. Michael - Apathetic Archangel Taranis - Summoned by Maria Valkyrie - Watching over the Battlefield A Succubus Approaches Familiar Creation Ritual Pure Love between Men Radiant Spear Ransack

I’ve yet to covert Kofuku Graffiti, The Idolm@aster: Cinderella Girls, and The Rolling Girls (Ep.2) and I will post them as soon as I have.


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