Animegeddon Update: Kofuku Graffiti, The Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girls, The Rolling Girls

Kofuku Grafitti:

Ryou Machiko - Babe Akra Machiko - Ryou's Aunt Unusually Focused That's enough now! Picnic beneath the Cherry Blossoms Festival Tamagoyaki Sandwiches Flashlight Chocolate Dipped Bananas Candy Apple Bento

Cinderella Girls:

Anastasia - Idol Anzu Futaba - Idol Blue Napoleon Chieri Ogata - Idol Chirhiro Senakawa - Producer's Aide Kaede Takagaki - Idol Kanako Mimura - Idol Kirari Moroboshi - Idol Miho Kohinata - Idol Mika Jogasaki- Idol Miku Maeakaw - Cat Girl Idol Minami Nitta - Idol Mirai Akagi - Idol Mizuki Kawashima - Idol Nana Abe - Usamin Maid Waitress Natsuki Kimura - Rock Idol Riina Tada - Idol Rika Jogasaki - Idol Sae Kobayakawa - Idol Sei Aoki - Dance Instructor Energy Drink Balance Training

As for why there is no Ranko card. The only good screenshot from ep.2 had the character introduction logo and I didn’t feel like cropping around that. I had to charge my laptop twice to get through the whole episode. So please understand, I will make the Ranko card when I don’t have make cards for 20+ other characters.

The Rolling Girls:

First I need to correct a few cards.

Kuniko Shigyou - The Armed Empress Masami Utoku - Maccha Green

And now the new cards.

Ai Hibiki - Rolling Girl Chiaya Misono - Rolling Girl Hinayo Moritomo - Nozomi's Mother Tomomori Moritomo - Nozomi's Father Yukari Otonashi - Kuniko's Subordinate Yukina Kosaka - Rolling Girl Jewelry - Alt2 Projectile Vomitting

Sadly that’s all for this week. I will start making cards for episode 3 next week. (I need a few days to rest and get back other projects.) Until then, please enjoy.


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