Weekly Animegeddon Update

Sorry for the belated post, but after getting very few cards from the most recent episode of Yuri Kuma Arashi, I wanted to wait until I got a sizeable number of cards from the other anime. First I need to post some corrections:

Chiaya Misono - Rolling Girl Kuniko Shigyou - The Armed Empress Masami Utoku - Maccha Green Masami Utoku - Peace Broker Nozomi Moritomo - Rest Jewelry - Alt Jewelry - Alt2 Jewelry

Reason for correction: Copy-pasting character subtypes (Chiaya), changing cards’ effects and costs to better match the most recent revelation in the anime (most of everyone else) and title change (Nozomi). I don’t know if the “Rolling Girls” title will be support by future cards or not, but I figured it was worth changing. That out of the way:

Koufuku Graffiti:

Roswell Grey - Captured by Government Agents Yuki Uchiki - Erotic Eater Mountain of Rice Rice Omelette Rice

The Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girls

Akane Hino - Idol Kei Aoki - Rookie Trainer Mayu Sakuma - Idol Mio Honda - Backup Dancer Rin Shibuya - Backup Dancer Uzuki Shimamura - Backup Dancer Sweet Food Token Concert Hall Dance Practice Launch onto Stage

Sorry, no Ranko still, but at least we’re getting non-Character cards…

Kantai Collection:

Mochizuki - Mutsuki Class DestroyerKuma - Kuma Class Light CruiserKisaragi - Mutsuki Class DestroyerAbomination Token Yuubari - Yuubari Class Light Cruiser Yayoi - Mutsuki Class Destroyer Tone - Tone Class Heavy Cruiser Tama - Yuubari Class Light Cruiser Takao - Takao Class Heavy Cruiser Standard Carrier Nu-Class - Abyssal Class Aircraft CarrierLunch Time of the Fleet Girls Bath Time of the Fleet GirlsSinkingMutsuki's DeclarationSleeping Together - Ooi & Kitakami

Maria the Virgin Witch:

Bernard - Manipulative MonkEzekiel - St. Michael's SpearFeral Fox - Feeding Her CubsFox Beast tokenGarfa - MercenaryHuman Knight tokenJoseph - Young NoblemanTarasque - Summoned by MariaBetween a Succubus and an IncubusJoseph's ConfessionLewd SuggestionRain of Blessing

Yes, it took me three episodes to make a Joseph card, I’m so sorry! TT_TT

The Rolling Girls:

Aki Hibara - Leader of the Knights of the Twin TowersAki Hibara - ThunderroadGarn - Aki's Pet CrowKuranosuke Momiyama - Chiaya's PursuerMasami Utoku - Less than 100%Noriko  Suzumoto - Knight of the Twin TowersMemory Viewing CameraRick - Life-sized ModelSecurity AlarmFlick the Forehead Homing Thunder Merchant's Scheme

Last, but not least… Yuri Kuma Arashi:

Elder Bear - Voice of Kumalia Invisible Storm - SniperBullying The Power of Hunger

Yes just four cards. I had planned a few more, but I couldn’t think of any effects and then I didn’t bother to save the screenshots and Paint.net crashed on me, causing me to loose them… Again sorry. >_< Well that’s one week’s worth of cards. Seeing how long it took, I’ll probably update more often and save me the time. Now, I need to watch anime, eat and sleep. ‘Night.


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