Animegeddon Update: Yuri Kuma Arashi & Ongaku Shoujo

This week we bid good bye to Yuri Kuma Arashi, but I fear I have little to offer but again a small handful of cards. Because of this, I’ve decided to throw in a few cards from a single episode anime called Ongaku Shoujo (so pitifully few that you wouldn’t be able to make deck out of them).

Invisible Girl Kureha Tsubaki - Yuri Kuma Sumika Izumino - Kumaria Lulu's Sacrifice Promised KissEmi Kumagai - Shy Singer Eri Kumagi - Bathing Beauty Haru Chitose - Part-Timer Haru Chitose - Tone-Deaf Singer Sakura - Bathing Beauty Sakura - Eri's Friend Concert Box Flying Kick Sleeping Together - Haru & Eri Song & Dance Practice

Am I done? Not particularly. I still have a lot of test playing and effect changing to make sure that cards are balanced not to mention how many possibly cards I missed out on making the first time through. Also you may have noticed that a lot of musician cards are in water (水). Ever wondered why? Well this relates back to one of the first anime I worked on in the old stock, “Is this a Zombie?” where the vampire ninja Sarasvati is revealed to an idol during the first season’s finale/pool episode, with all the other main girls getting in on the act. The set itself composed of the elements of dark (闇), fire (火), and wind (風). The water cards in the set was only based on that final episode and started out as a joke (much like the love (愛) element). As it turned out it was a good strategy and thus musicians became associated with the water element in the game. Though, if it weren’t for Is This a Zombie, I still believe musicians would still have wound in water due to a certain idol anime whose very first episode was also a pool episode. As for why water is “discard from deck” oriented. Water is suppose to be a passive aggressive element that relies on an alternate win condition and somewhat a homage to Blue cards from Magic: The Gathering. Well this post went on longer than I thought. Let’s just end it here. ‘night everyone and let’s look forward to the anime.


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