Amigeddon Update: Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls Ep.4 & Senran Kagura OVA

This seems to be a running theme of late isn’t it? Well for once there’s not that many cards this week so I figured I do some stuff off the Senran Kagura OVA… That was a mistake. TT_TT None the less, here we go!Ranko Kanzaki - Underworld Idol Giant Monster Costume Hook Line and Sinker Super Happy Happy Candy Shower!

Finally! A Ranko card!

Asuka - Shinobi Daidoji - Shinobi Fantasy Hibari - Yagyu's Daydream Haruka - Shinobi Hibari - Shinobi Hikage - Shinobi Homaru - Shinobi Ikaruga - Shinobi Imu - Shinobi Katsuragi - Shinobi Minori - Shinobi Mirai - Shinobi Miyabi - Shinobi Murakumo - Shinobi Murakumo - Unmasked Murasaki - Shinobi Ryobi - Shinobi Ryōna - Shinobi Shiki - Shinobi Shinobi Suzune - Shinobi Yagyu - Shinobi Yomi - Shinobi Yozakura - Shinobi Yumi - Shinobi 10,000 Palm Fists of Paradise Hell Black Ice Explosive Detransformation Ginormous Growth Grope from Behind Icicle Rain Nose Bleed

20+ CHARACTERS!?! I thought Idolm@ster was a pain! You may notice all the characters share wind (風). Simple and short explanation is that most ninja are often portrayed as being related with the element and the vampire ninjas from “Is this a Zombie?” are in wind so it all makes sense. (Just wait until I get to Naruto set which will abandon this logic all together… TT_TT) Any who, that will be all tonight. Look forward for the other anime this weekend.


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