Animegeddon Update: Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Bladeworks & Re-Kan!

I was going to spend today working on the next episode of The Rolling Girls and other anime, but I wound up watching Re-Kan! and decided to update all the cards from Unlimited Bladeworks Season 1 in preparation of Season 2. The latter took longer than I ever wanted.

First let’s show off cards from Re-Kan! (The few they are.)

Ghost Children Ghost Hands Hibiki Amami - Girl who Can See Ghosts Inoue Narumi - Hibiki's Schoolmate Kyouko Esumi - Hibiki's Schoolmate Makoto Ogawa - Hibiki's Schoolmate Narumi's Grandmother - Deceased Soul Perverted Cat Yamada - Hibiki's Schoolmate Phasmophobia Spirited Away

Cards are prone to have names and effects changed as anime goes on.

And now onto the big guns. Instead of simply dumping a bunch of cards at once I’d like to discuss the strategies of the three elements that make up the cards of Unlimited Bladeworks.

I divided the charcters into three groups: Light 光 (Team Saber, Team Archer), Earth 土 (Team Berserker, Team Caster), and Dark 闇 (Team Gilgamesh, Team Rider).

Light 光:

Artoria Pendragon - Saber Class Servant EMIYA - Archer Class Servant Rin Tohsaka - Master of the 5th Holy Grail War Shirou Emiya - Master of the 5th Holy Grail War

Draw and discard: This may seem like an odd strategy and it is considering that the draw and discard strategy originally was originally attended for a certain absentminded guitarist who can only learn one new skill by forgetting an old one. However this strategy kind of was retooled for a more serious play style. In a way I like to think of it as Archer’s cynical ideals given form: To save one, you have to sacrifice another.

Bakuya & KanshouCaladbolg II The Fake Spiral SwordDream World of Memories Sword Strewn Battlefield Emiya ResidenceFlying Swords

Weapons Matter: I don’t recall all that many Weapon cards from any of the other anime I’ve posted so this is kind of new, but would you expect any less from Shirou/Archer?

Kaede Makidera - Member of the Track Team Kane Himuro - Member of the Track Team   Taiga Fujimura - Teacher of Homuhara Academy Yukika Saegusa - Manager of the Track Team

Supporting Cast: Shirou and Rin aren’t alone. Light is a small character’s matter sort of element (like Magic the Gathering’s white) and they don’t shy away from a group of cheap, but weak Characters to help them out.

Aoi Tohsaka - A Memory of Days PastKiritsugu Emiya - A Memory of Days PastRin Tohsaka - A Memory of Days PastShirou Emiya - A Memory of Days PastTokiomi Tohsaka - A Memory of Days Past

Walking Down Memory Lane: The power of flash backs! Not only do they (sometimes) allow you to play cheaper versions of certain characters earlier in the game, they also can be tossed when you’re ready to play their stronger forms and get search your Deck for a card while you’re at it!

Ayako Mitsudori - Captain of the Archery Dojo Shirou Emiya - Former Member of the Archery Dojo Taiga Fujimura - Archery Dojo Supervisor Archery Dojo Tohsaka Residence

Fire at will: Ever wanted to play an archer deck? Now you can! Kinda.

Alarm Clock Command Seals Magical Gem Rin's Pendant Emiya Residence Dojo Emiya Residence Storehouse A Date with the Dead Death of the Inhuman Gandr Shot Invisible Air Magical Regeneration Master from the Past, Servant from the Past Tohsaka Family Crest Tracing

Earth 土:

Heracles - Berserker Class Servant Illyasviel von Einzbern - Master of the 5th Holy Grail War Kojirou Sasaki - Assassin Class Servant  Medea - Caster Class ServantSouichirou Kuzuki - Master of the 5th Holy Grail War

Resources! Resources! Resources!: Earth is all about a lot of resources to spend on big characters. While they won’t win any races, Earth prefers to hit hard.

Dragon Tooth Crocodile - Caster's Familiar Dragon Tooth Dog - Caster's Familiar Dragon Tooth Warriors - Caster's Familiar Dragon Tooth Warriors - Liquid Familiar Issei Ryuudou - Student Body President Sella - Maid of the Einzbern Family Leysritt - Maid of the Einzbern Family

Stepping Stones to Victory: While Earth has some cheap Characters, they’re little more than fodder to play the bosses.

Monohoshizao Stone Axe Sword New Fuyuki Cemetery Ryuudou Temple Stairway to Ryuudou Temple Concealed Sword Swallow Reversal God Hand Immobolized Space Legion of Bones Magical Blast Magically Enhanced Fists Paper Thin Disguise Unusual Block

Dark 闇:

Cu Chulainn - Lancer Class Servant Gilgamesh - Archer Class Servant Kirei Kotomine - Master of the 5th Holy Grail War Medusa - Rider Class Servant Sakura Matou - Member of the Archery Dojo Shinji Matou - Master of the 5th Holy Grail War

Winning at any cost: The power of darkness is it’s willingness to use ANY tactic to win, even if it means spilling some of it’s own blood.

Gae Bolg Nameless Dagger Rule Breaker Forest behind the Archery Dojo Kotomine Church Assassin's Strike Blood Fort Adromeda Enemies Appear Grotesque Wound Hanging Defenseless Pierce the Heart Servant Summoning Ritual Unexpected Visitor

And that’s about it. I’ll start posting The Rolling Girls sometime tomorrow it.


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