Labyrinths & Lesbians: Evrnyte & An Unforseen Absence

I apologize about not posting anything for about a week now. I had put Animegeddon on the back burner while I started working a campaign for 3.5 Dungeon & Dragons. It’s set in a custom made setting I call Evrnyte and is modeled after classical gothic horror (inspired by the Innistrad block from Magic: the Gathering). While I’d like to say this would be a major yuri setting, I fear my (two) players aren’t exactly big yuri fans so I have to restrain my urge to populate the world with lesbians. *Sigh* I however will sneak in as many lesbians as possible and maybe a handful Captain Ersatz characters (among the ideas being a vampire hunter who is in fact half-vampire).

The superpowers of Evrnyte can be divided into five categores (and four subcategories within each):

  • The Angelic Churches (Church of Order, Church of Death, Church of War, Church of Life)
  • The Undead Hordes (Mummies, Liches, Wights, Ghouls)
  • The Vampire Bloodlines (Church of Blood, Shadow Academy, Karnstein House, Night Tribe)
  • The Diabolical Cults (Cult of Rage, Cult of Chaos, Cult of Greed, Cult of Desire)
  • The Werebeast Tribes (Werebears, Weretigers, Wererates, Werewolves)

The Angelic Churches are the salvation of the mortal races (or so their followers are lead to believe), each lead by an archangel and holding a different in how best to protect their followers.

Angelic nunneries: While the clergies of each church is equal opportunity, only a handful of women are willing to sacrifice “carnal desires” to devote themselves solely to worship to the archangels. These women reside in isolated structures, free from the influence of the outside world. However, these nunneries have less than pure reputations. Taking upon a vow of “chastity”, they are not allowed to have affairs with men (romantic or sexual), but allowed form strong “friendships” with their peers resembling romantic couples. While the legitimacy of these friendships are constantly debated by philosophers, it’s not uncommon for a woman to choose to join a nunnery solely to enter such relationships since the morally faithful frown upon homosexuality (due to more the fact that same-sex couples are incapable of reproducing). There even talk of nuns who worship the archangels them in a fashion considered “immoral” and “blasphemous”.

The Church of Order believes the best way to protect their followers is to enforce order at all costs (even if it means sacrificing freedom). Lands they govern are places where laws are not only many, but the arguably the only means of keeping peace. Their grand cathedral doubles a court of law where laws are created or abolished in the same breath as sermons are served. Their clerics are taught laws and the inner working of their court system so that they can act as lawyers, presiding over legal proceedings. Unfortunately, due to having to act both prosecuting and defending attorneys and the nigh-coherent language by their laws are written, they have earned a reputation as liars and manipulators.

The Church of Death believes the best way to protect their followers is to eliminate threats before they can arise. The source of all evil in Evrnyte are not vampires, werebeasts, undead or devils, but the mortals they were once or that worship them. To protect their followers, their clerics act as assassins, searching for those who they deemed dangerous and striking them down (often in cold blood). Because of their nature as holy assassins, the worship of the Church of Death is never performed in public, but it is said that everyone is secretly their follower.

The Church of War believes the best way to protect their followers is to slay the monsters that prey upon them. The most proactive of the churches, their clerics are zealous warriors who can’t stand by and watch the innocent suffer. Unfortunately, the zeal comes at the cost of acting before they think and will tear entire towns apart searching for alleged monsters. Wherever the Church of War of goes, destruction follows.

The Church of Life believes the best way to protect their followers is to sacrifice anyone who cannot conform to the will of society. With their territories bordering werebeast infested wildernesses, they possess xenophobic mindsets designed to distrust anyone who stands out amongst the group as to cast out anyone who survived being attacked. Their clerics are ever vigilant and willing to cut down anyone who they deem a threat to their society.

The Undead Hordes are loosely grouped creatures brought to life from death through the power of necromancy.

Mummies are the undead guardians of dead rulers from ages long ago, assigned to guard their liege’s tomb. Deemed the most harmless type of dead, they only pose a threat to mortals when grave robbers trespass into their resting places and remove items they are supposed to protect. Mummies have no means of differentiating between innocent bystanders and their prey, resulting in many unfortunate fatalities from a single person’s selfishness.

Liches are powerful spellcasters who chose to defy death with the power of necromancy. Cunning and patient, liches will spend centuries crafting their plots and gathering the pieces to bring them together. Because of the length of time it takes a lich to bring a plot fruition, they rarely pose a threat to mortals, but when they do, its often a threat on a scale that reaches every corner of Evrnyte.

Wights are angry souls who are incapable of resting in peace and thus rise from the grave with the sole intent to destroy anything that lives. Driven by an unquenchable rage, they will attack that crosses their path, resulting in them being a natural threat to mortals.

Ghouls are mindless undead with an inescapable hunger for flesh that drives their every thought and desire. Unlike wights who can be rationalized with and at most redirected at one’s enemies, their is no reasoning or stopping a ghoul from attacking someone it is intent on eating. While they pose a severe threat to mortals, their mindlessness makes them the easiest undead to hunt and trap.

The Vampire Bloodlines possess separate methods of predation and interact with mortals differently.

The Church of Blood mimics the angelic churches, but is in reality a cult of vampire worshipers who use faith to raise mortals as complacent live stock, divided into one of two castes based upon the taste of their blood: fine bloods and foul bloods. While fine bloods live lives of luxury and are groomed to become the future of the churches vampires in exchange for paying blood tithes to their “saints”, the foul bloods exist to be little more than be guardians of the faith and sacrificed in the name of the “greater good”.

The Shadow Academy are vampires that shroud themselves in mystery and mystique. Their attacks are marked by townsfolk disappearing in the dead of night to be never heard from again. Skulking in the shadows of mortal societies, they collect secrets and weave lies to manipulate their preferred hunting grounds, cowing their prey into fearful submission.

The Karnstein Family are a breed of vampire that is most “alive”, posing both a rosy complexion and a pulse (albeit a faint one). The only type of vampire that isn’t directly harmed by sunlight, they weave tight nit networks amongst mortal societies as both a means to protect themselves and a unsuspecting food source. They often enter relationships with specific mortals mimicking romantic relationships. While whether vampires can feel romantic attraction is often debated by philosophers, all agree these relationships always end in tragedy.

The Night Tribe are vampires whose thirst for blood has driven them into a mad frenzy. Driven solely by the desire to drink blood, they care not for the consequences of their predation, spawning vampires from their victims at a dangerous rate. Because of this recklessness, a vampire of the Night Tribe allowed to hunt uncheck will quickly wipe out its own food source and be driven to cannibalism before searching for a new food supply. Amongst the four bloodlines of the vampires, most hunters deem Night Tribe vampires to be the most dangerous.

The Diabolical Cults are mobs of hedonists and sadists lead by devils.

The Cult of Rage are the most martial of the diabolical cults, seeking to destroy anything and everything before them. Lead by a devil whose ultimate goal is to rule Evrnyte with an iron fist, it rallies its followers into blood thirsty frenzies and unleashes them upon the world.

The Cult of Chaos wants to only destroy Evrnyte solely for to learn what happens afterwards. Lead by a devil with endless curiosity, it seeks to expand its knowledge through spreading pain and destruction to all ends of the world, going as far as using it own followers as living bombs for its experiments.

The Cult of Greed love only one thing: Wealth. Lead by a devil who covets anything and everything of value, it gathers worshipers that share in its desire for everything that shines and sparkles. Cultists of Greed regularly seek to increase their wealth at any cost, often resorting to murder and theft.

The Cult of Desire are driven by their bodily needs, including carnal urges. Leading by a hedonistic succubus, she encourages her followers to give into their desires, abandoning anything that would prevent from doing so. While the least malicious amongst the diabolical cults, the Cult of Desire is considered a threat by the angelic faiths on account of stealing away their faithful followers.

The werebeast tribes are tribal communities formed by the infected who often reside far from many mortal settlements.

Werebears are the least dangerous of the werebeasts, attacking mortals only in the defense of themselves and their kin. Of the tribes, they are the most willing to live alongside mortals if only mortals were to accept them.

Weretigers are the most dangerous of the werebeasts, attacking anyone who dares enter their territory without mercy or remorse. Their attacks are made few only by the virtue that weretigers are largely reclusive and claim territories far from anyone they deem “competition”.

Wererates are the most “social” of the werebeasts, often found living in the seedy underbellies of mortal settlements. They cling to dark alleys, spacious sewers and other locations in large cities were few dare travel let alone live and scavenger whatever the mortals throw away when not forced to steal from their “neighbors”.

Werewolves are the least “social” of the werebeasts, attacking anything they deem either a threat to their tribe or to be prey. While they avoid mortal settlements when possible, they won’t shy away from attacking mortals when game becomes rare.

As you can see, I have a lot of work ahead of me and I don’t when I’ll be able to post, though I will try to post a little more often than I have in the last week.


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