I’m not dead! Belated PWA update.

So it seems I’ve been greatly sidetracked once again and I must apologize.

While I’ve growing tired of playing Fire Emblem: Awakening (grinding, grinding, grinding and grinding), but I love the game play FE: A and wanted to make my own game with a similar game play so I revived an older RMVX Ace project “Liland Knights: Order of the Dragon” (pretty much Fire Emblem with Lesbians). I spent several hours setting classes, weapons, armors and skills only to learn the script I was using to give weapons and armor durability scores (the number of times it can be used before breaking) conflicts with Gubid’s Tactical Battle System script and wouldn’t allow me to assign weapons attack ranges (turning all tomes and bows into melee weapons). Since I didn’t want to sacrifice giving weapons and armors durability, I had to put Liland Knights on the side. Thus I return to an older project I kind of stopped working on for no more reason than I grew tired of retesting battles as I adjust stats.

First line of business:

I’m renaming the game that would be called Pretty Witch Academy to “Witches of St. Sayuri Academy” due to their already being a visual novel called “Pretty Witch Academy” and want to avoid any confusion/legal problems. Why WSSA isn’t as cute a title, I feel it sounds more “formal”.


As a part of changing character stats for hopefully the final time I’ve decided to change what type of magic and weapons some (most) of the characters use:

Aika (Wields a pair kama and uses wind magic)

Shizuka (Wields a naginata and uses earth magic)

Xiao Haun (Wields a pair of gauntlets and uses fire magic)

Xing Mei (Wields a short bow and uses water magic)

Bianca (Wields a dagger and uses ice magic)

Amara (Wields a ball of yarn- I’m not joking, a ball of yarn, and uses thunder magic)

Team Member #7 (Wields a long sword and uses light magic)

Team Member #8 (Wields a baseball bat and uses dark magic)

I would also like to introduce some new NPCs into the school:


Agna: A slime jelly junky, she buys slime jelly off the player and can be found in the cafeteria.


Alexandra: The Queen of Conquerors The costume designer for the Drama Club, the player can by clothing (armor) from her. She can be found in Auditorium on the stage.


Alyona: She sells food to the students and can be found in the cafeteria (naturally).


Celina: She’s in charge of selling text books (i.e. tomes) to the students. It should be a no brainer where she can be found.

As for these NPCs, I don’t have any immediate story plans, but I hope to use them in the future as quest givers and such.


Honorable mention goes to Unnamed School Girl (because I need some generic npcs). Why does she look so familiar…?

School Ghoul Card


I’ll update as often as I can, but at this rate don’t expect to post more than once a week. Hopefully, I catch up to where I was and start working on the last two members of the main cast into the party.


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