Surprise Animegeddon Update: Koufuku Grafitti Ep.5&6

So I got tired of working on Witches of St. Sayuri Academy and decided to work on Animegeddon again for a bit.

Fantasy Shiina's Mother - Imagined by Ryou Kirin Morino - Bathing Beauty Kirin Morino - Wielding an Oversized Spoon Ryou Machiko - Bathing Beauty Ryou Machiko - White Rabbit Ryou's Grandmother - A Memory of Days Past Shiina - Wielding an Oversized Fork Spoon Soldiers Squirrel Tsuyuko - Shiina's Family MaidBroiled Eel Ice Cream Plant Token School SwimsuitBamboo Forest Sea of Ingredients Shiina's Family Grave Shiina's HouseBoing! Crossing the Border Between Day and Night Stomach Ache


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