Witches of St. Sayuri Academy Delay: Remodeling maps & adjusting enemy stats.

I’ve finished writing the plot for the 4th quest and the end of the “official” demo for the game, but I decided that I need to make some maps bigger and felt that I should scale the enemy’s level. I also want to flesh out the residents of the academy some more and maybe write in a simple tutorial for those who aren’t familiar with the controls of RMVX Ace and Tomoaky’s SRPG 2 script.

St. Sayuri 1st Floor (Old):

School House F1


Witches 1st Floor

Bathrooms (New):

Witches Bathroom

Infirmary (New):

Witches Infirmary

As you can see, I’ve made some changes. I move Christina’s class room to the second floor and the bathrooms to the 1st floor, as well as make the map a little more simplistic and spacious.

2nd Floor (Old):

School House F2


Witches 2nd Floor

Christina’s Classroom (New):

Witches Class Room 1-3

3rd Floor (Old):

School House F3


Witches 3rd Floor

4th Floor (Old):

School House F4


Witches 4th Floor

5th Floor (New):

Witches 5th Floor

Library (Old):



Witches Library

Gym (Old):


Witches Gym

I’ve divided the gym and auditorium in separate maps/areas.

Locker room (New):

Witches Locker Room

Map (Old):

Witches School

Once I finish remapping the school, I’ll start working populating and adjusting enemy stats so that the game remains strategically challenging even as you party grows larger.

I’ve also decided to re-purpose the collectible cards monsters drop. Originally I was going to make a little mini game where you can summon a monster and have it battle a monster summoned by a NPC in a psuedo-pokemon style, but I’m thinking about having summon monsters to fight the player in the gym for the purpose of training (as to give building a purpose in the game).


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