Animegeddon Update: Kantai Collection (Set)

After remapping Witches of St. Sayuri Academy (and then having remap some maps to make smaller), I decided to take a break and work on the Kantai Collection set for Animegeddon.Abomination Token Achored Princess - Abyssal Class Admiral - Mysterious Commander Airfield Princess - Abyssal Class Land BaseAkagi - Akagi Class Aircraft Carrier Akagi - Bathing Beauty Akatsuki - Akatsuki Class Destroyer Akatsuki - Bathing BeautyAkatsuki & Hibiki - At the Beach Ashigara - Myoukou Class Heavy Cruiser Atago - Bathing Beauty Atago - Takao Class Heavy CruiserAtago & Takao - At the Beach Battle-Scarred Standard Carrier Wo-Class - Nemesis Battleship Ru-Class - Abyssal Class Battleship Chikuma - Tone Class Heavy CruiserChipmunk - Incredibly Cute Critter Destroyer Ha-Class - Abyssal Class Destroyer Destroyer Ro-Class - Abyssal Class Destroyer Destroyer Ro-Class Elite - Abyssal Class DestroyerFantasy Fubuki - Dream World Princess Fubuki - At the Beach Fubuki - Bathing Beauty Fubuki - Fubuki Class DestroyerFubuki Kai Ni - Remdolled Haguro - Myoukou Class Heavy Cruiser Haruna - Kongou Class Battleship Heavy Cruiser Ri-Class - Abyssal Class Heavy CruiserHibiki - Akatsuki Class Destroyer Hibiki - Bathing Beauty Hiei - Kongou Class Battleship Hiryuu - Hiryuu Class Aircraft CarrierIkazuchi - Akatsuki Class Destroyer Ikazuchi - Bathing Beauty Ikazuchi & Inazuna - At the Beach Inazuna - Akatsuki Class DestroyerInazuna - Bathing Beauty Jinjtsu - Sendai Class Light Cruiser Kaga - Bathing Beauty Kaga - Kaga Class Aircraft CarrierKirishima - Kongou Class Battleship Kisaragi - Mutsuki Class Destroyer Kitakami - At the Beach Kitakami - Bathing BeautyKitakami - Kuma Class Light Cruiser Kongou - Bathing Beauty Kongou - Kongou Class Battleship Kuma - Kuma Class Light CruiserLight Cruiser Ho-Class - Abyssal Class Light Cruiser Light Cruiser To-Class - Abyssal Class Light Cruiser Mamiya - Mamiya Class Food Supply Ship Mechanical Vehicle Token 2Mechanical Vehicle Token Miniature Aircraft Pilot Mochizuki - Mutsuki Class Destroyer Mogami - Mogami Class Heavy CruiserMutsu - Nagato Class Battleship Mutsuki - At the Beach Mutsuki - Bathing Beauty Mutsuki - Mutsuki Class DestroyerNagato - At the Beach Nagato - Bathing Beauty Nagato - Nagato Class Battleship Naka - Sendai Class Light CruiserOoi - At the Beach Ooi - Bathing Beauty Ooi - Kuma Class Light Cruiser Ooyodo - Ooyodo Class Light CruiserRensouhou-chan - Shimakaze's Turrets Sendai - Sendai Class Light Cruiser Shimakaze - Shimakaze Class Destroyer Shoukaku - Bathing BeautyShoukaku - Shoukaku Class Standard Carrier Souryuu - Souryuu Class Aircraft Carrier Standard Carrier Nu-Class - Abyssal Class Aircraft Carrier Standard Carrier Wo-Class - Abyssal Class Aircraft CarrierTaihou - Taihou Class Armored Aircraft Carrier Takao - Takao Class Heavy Cruiser Tama - Yuubari Class Light Cruiser Tone - Tone Class Heavy CruiserTorpedo Cruiser Chi-Class - Abyssal Class Torpedo Cruiser Yamato - At the Beach Yamato - Yamato Class Battleship Yayoi - Mutsuki Class DestroyerYuubari - Yuubari Class Light Cruiser Yuudachi - At the Beach Yuudachi - Bathing Beauty Yuudachi - Shiratsuyu Class DestroyerYuudachi Kai Ni - Remodelled Zuikaku - Bathing Beauty Zuikaku - Shoukaku Class Standard Carrier Flamethrower Food Token Golden Pot Instant Repair Bucket RaftCarrier Division 1's Barracks Docks Truk Island Abyssal Aircraft Ambush Abyssal Emergence Bath Time of the Fleet Girls Boing! Burning PassionCry into Chest Cry into Chest Alt Cry Together Cutness Proximity Early Morning Excercise Fire Together Flat Chested Funbag Airbag Glomp! Guerilla Concert Idolize Klutzy Collision Like Mixing Oil and Water Lunch Time of the Fleet Girls Mutsuki's Declaration Mutsuki's Tears Ooi's Anger Playful Teasing Rabbit Trap Ravenous Appetite Raze Reckless Defense Reconstruction Rest on Chest Shattered Perception Sinking Sleeping Together - Ooi & Kitakami Throw into the Air Unexpected Savior


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