If Anime Characters were Pokemon Trainers: Re-Kan

To make up for a lack of post and to ride what remains of my pokemon hype since I started playing Omega Ruby, I decided to take a moment and ponder if certain anime characters were pokemon trainers, what type of pokemon would they have.

Hibiki Amami:
it should be a given that she would have a team of ghost-type pokemon, but let’s clear on one thing. She didn’t catch any of these pokemon. They just chose to follow her wherever she goes and fight for her. While her team would like change according to what pokemon happened to be following her at the moment, she’d likely be the only trainer to have “captured” the ghost of cubone’s mother (if she wasn’t her first pokemon).

Kyouko Esumi:
There’s no type better suited to the Flame Hair Messiah than fighting type pokemon. Amongst the pokemon that will likely be in her line up is a scraggy/scrafty.

Makoto Ogawa:
The girl fond of zombies would have a hard time picking out her line up as there has yet to be any “zombie pokemon” yet. In place of a type, she’d more like train pokemon she finds cute (though what exactly counts as cute is up for debate).

Kana Uehara:
The reporter training would clearly have a Whismur/Loudred team of electric pokemon, seeing as she seems to be the most techno-savvy of the group.

Kenta Yamada:
Normal pokemon. Why? Because not only is the normal type ultimately the most pathetic (isn’t strong against any other type and it’s only immunity is to a type that’s mutually immune to it). What better type for a guy that has a snowball’s chance in hell of getting together with Hibiki. Besides, his pokemon being immune to ghost-type moves means nothing when the ghost-type pokemon is attacking Hibiki directly.

Narumi Inoue:
Probably dark-type pokemon. Because of her deathly fear of ghosts, she’d train a team for the sole purpose of fending them off. While not technically a part of her team, many swear seeing a ghostly apparition floating overhead. Many assume it to be an undiscovered species of pokemon, but only Hibiki knows it for what it actually is.

Masaki Yamada:
As a police officer, he would have a growlithe or two.


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