Apologies for not posting

I’m writing this post to apologize for not posting for a long time. I took a long break from working Witches of St. Sayuri Academy to work on a side game that you could have considered to be “Pokemon with lesbians monster girls”, based on the actual monsters of Yurishima, but the more I worked on the game, the more it became it’s own thing which is cool, but it seemed like I kept on going back to square one. I fear I have entered a cycle of insatiable of perfectionism as no matter what changes I made, I couldn’t find any satisfaction. I fear I may as well let this game die before it steals anymore time from me and return to the one project I’ve created this blog for. I’d also like to spend some time working on making Animegeddon some more to celebrate the end of Show by Rock and Hello! Kiniro Mosaic. I fear may be a short post as I’ve don’t have much to say at this and hope to have more to talk about at later dates. Until then, please take care.


One thought on “Apologies for not posting

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