Back from the Dead (Sort of)

I’ve noticed this blog started getting a lot of views recently and felt bad for not posting anything in a looong time despite having a job for three months and the internet for at least one, maybe two months. Unfortunately, I don’t have much of anything ready to post so I decided to scan up some of my art and (against my own perfectionist opinion) post it here. Please enjoy.

Vana x Zoma.png

Who  are these women? They are original characters I designed for a series of W.I.P. 3.5 Dungeon & Dragons campaign based on Magic: The Gathering.


The elf is named Vana, a planeswalker of the original plane of Sansuin and the current high priestess of her people. She is also known as the “Phantom Moon” due to her magic to summon and control spirits.

Those not familiar with MtG, planeswalkers are powerful mages with the power to traveling between worlds called “planes”. The ability to travel between planes, “planeswalking”, is derived from something called a spark. A planeswalker’s spark ignites during events of great duress, such as being executed by a tyrannical government for the sole crime of possessing the ability to use pyromancy, destroying your own memories in order to win a mental battle against your corrupt mentor, trying to save a loved one from posion only to turn them into an undead abomination, accidentally getting your friends killed in an act of arrogance, or even coming into contact with sealed away world eating monsters.

The story behind Vana’s spark igniting is long and requires quite a bit of backstory. To keep a long story short, the race of elves that Vana comes from are a treacherous matriarchy where the title of high priestess passes hands every few centuries through repeated coup d’états. While they practiced necromancer, they had no love for intelligent undead nor those who create or control them.

Vana, Origins.png

Vana was the daughter of the then high priestess and had three common born lovers.

Vole, her scribe:


Ylli, her bodyguard:


Herat, her hand maid:


One day, Vana began seeing dead people (of the incorporeal form).  When her mother learned of this, Vana was sent into exile to spare being executed in the coup that will result when the truth becomes public knowledge (there are no secrets in the Munari holy lands). Several years pass and Vana’s exile comes to an end when she caught by her own people and brought back to meet the new high priestess. There, she is forced to watch as not only her mother, but her lovers are executed before her eyes. Driven to the brink of despair, her spark ignites and she finds herself on the plane of Innistrad where she spends the next few decades learning to hone her spirit magic before returning to Sansuin and taking back the holy throne by executing the usurper.


The other character is the “Son of Zoma, the Last Mardu” and he is biological female, but is often treated as a male due to wearing a suit of armor that conceals his true gender and acting in a strongly masculine fashion. He comes from the plane of Tarkir, back in time when five clans warred against dragons. A warrior of a clan of raiders called the Mardu, he has not earned his warname, a name earned in battle and based on a warrior’s feats. In the battle that he sought to earn his warname, he got frozen alive by a dragon and only survived by virtue of his own magic, thawing out over course of several generations. Finding the Tarkir he once knew gone and the five clans having fallen in favor of five powerful dragon lords, the shock ignites his spark and he is sent to the city-plane of Ravnica where he is taken in by the Boros Legion.

I haven’t fully fleshed out his background as he intended as a player character where Vana is intended to be a NPC.


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