Plucking Lily Petals: Divine Gate Ep.3

It’s been a long time since I last posted on my blog and I must apologize. The reasons for this is 1.) I’ve fallen behind working on Witches of St. Sayuri Academy (in other words, my perfectionism has driven me to restart from square one so many times I’ve lost interest TT_TT), 2.) I have little free time Monday-Thursday (three of days are because I’m attending card game tournaments), 3.) I don’t have to say.

Today, I’m posting because the most recent episode of anime I’ve been watching this season piqued my yaydar. It’s purely yuri goggling and doesn’t appear to be even be subtext, but as the saying goes on /u/: “Any two girls who stand with in spitting distance of each other will be shipped”.

A short summary of Divine Gate (or at least the part relevant to this post):

There is a holy grail-like entity known as the Divine Gate that is said to be able to grant the wish of whoever can touch it, but is treated as a myth or fairytale with very few people believing it actually exists.


Midori, the subject today’s topic, not only believes in the Divine Gate, but seeks it. Why? Well it has to do with another girl… I bet you didn’t see that coming (this is a yuri blog after all). Time for some flash backs.


What would you wish for2.png


What would you wish for


Keep in mind that this flash is while they’re kids so I’m sure Midori’s friend, Elena, doesn’t mean “friends” in the Yuri Kuma Arashi way…yet.

Wish granted.png




In another flashback:

Tie fastening.png

Now in middle school and #1Friend is already taking care of Midori.


Cuter this way.png

Midori is already new friends.


Totally just friends.


This doesn’t bode well.



Plus One.png


Only you.png


Why do I get the feeling this won’t end well?

Don't want.png

Yandere mode.png

I’m almost certain she wants to be “friends” with Midori in the Yuri Kuma Arashi way now.

Yandere mode2.png

This is going in a very dark direction.

Yandere mode3.png

Yandere mode4.png

Yandere mode5.png

Yandere mode6.png

#1Friend is entering yandere territory.


Be careful Midori, that’s a death flag!


Well she took that better than expected.


The Text.png

The Text2

The Text3.png

I get the feeling she’s not off to see the Wizard of Oz.

At the festival…

Missing Girl.png

Why does that location sound so familiar?

Run, Midori, run!.png

Run, Midori, run!

Never a good sight.png

This is never a good sight.

Divine Gate.png

Yandere levels are reaching 100%!

The Light.png

It exists!

The end.png

The end2.png

The end3

The end4

In short, Midori seeks to be #1 so that she can reach the gate and be reunited with Elena. Despite Elena raising a bunch of yandere flags, Midori still cares for her and is willing to let nothing get between her and finding the Divine Gate. As for the red-haired guy? Don’t worry about him. He’s shown no real interest in Midori and is more likely to be shipped with the moody and mysterious other male main character that is the closest thing he has to a rival (it’s shonen after all).


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