Plucking Lily Petals: Am & Luna (Cardfight! Vanguard G: Gears Crisis Hen episode 16)

I wanted to discuss the homo(erotic/romantic) nature of the Cardfight! Vanguard anime for a while, but hadn’t really committed myself to be an “active” blogger like Emperor-G, however I find the latest episode of the anime’s second generation (G) to be quite yurific thanks to two certain charactes: Am & Luna.

Rummy Labyrinth.png

Luna (left) and Am (right).

Introduced in the second season of Cardfight! Vanguard G (dubbed Gears Crisis Hen), they are an idol group known as Rummy Labrynth (is it me or are idols are really gay?) and promote the card game. While Luna has had alooot more screen time this season on account of her clan, Pale Moon, being featured in the last few sets and having a trial deck, Am appears to finally get a chance to shine beside her lover partner thanks to her clan, Granblue, being featured in a set and in its own trial deck coming out in Japan next month (we English players have to wait few months longer before it comes out in the States T_T). I could go on how much Granblue has been an under supported clan and the cards already revealed for the next deck and trial deck are much needed, but you’re not here for that. Without further ado, let’s jump into the meat of today’s episode.

Asking Am out.pngAfter what passes for a handshaking event in a cardgame-verse, Luna tried asking Am out for a date to hang out with her.

Yuri Blocked.png

Looks like Luna struck out.

Girls' Fight.png

Seeing as Am hasn’t been herself, Luna asked for some relationship advice from the only other lesbian couple close female BFFs she knows: Tokoha (top left) and Kumi (bottom left).

V Day.png


Kumi: Then after a hot, steamy implied sex scene, you can cuddle with each other and reminisce about one of your dead parents. Tokoha and I do it all the time.

Tokoha: I think you’re talking about the wrong anime.


After spying Am incognito, Luna & friends decide to stalk her, but are thwarted by the changing of traffic lights.

Luna's confession.png

Luna makes her move.

...a date or something.png

After seeing Am receiving a mysterious phone call, Tokoha and Kumi decides to tease her. Luna plays along, knowing Am would never cheat on her. Am reluctantly decides to hang out with the girls too prove that she wasn’t up to anything suspicious.


Too cute!


When Kumi asked how much Am and Luna made as idols, they evaded the question like pros.



team soba

Team UdonRock and a hard place.png

What started as an innocent question quickly devolves into a catfight with poor Kumi and Am being trapped in the middle. How do the girls resolve this? With a card game! (What were you expecting?)

Luna plays for Am

Kumi plays for Tokoha

Not content only watching, Luna and Kumi decide to help their girlfriends partners make plays.

Heart to heart.png

After the game, Luna and Kumi go get food, allowing Tokoha and Am to have a heart to heart.

WheelSeasonBadFiveDeadAm's Feelings

After eating, Tokoha and Kumi ride the Ferris wheel, giving Am and Luna some time alone. Am reveals she hates winter because it reminds her someone she lost when she was five (possibly her mother). It appears Luna was the only person to ever realize that Am was down despite her best attempts to hide her pain. Like a dutiful lover girlfriend, Luna does her best to comfort Am. End of the episode.

Unfortunately I can’t tell when Am will appear again as the next episode will be returning to the subplot of one of the male leads, but I never expected this much depth from a character that had been largely ignored for most of the season thus far. Hopefully, we will get more yuriffic moments from Am and Luna as the series goes on.


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