Plucking Lily Petals: Mahoutsukai Precure Ep.9

While Emperor G is gone, I’d figure I would take his place in going over this week’s anime, starting with Precure. Like the episodes before us, this episode packed full of yuri subtext.

Yuri over 9000.png

Today’s episode is the final test and it’s quite a challenge. Either everyone passes or everyone fails; no middle ground. The test? The students and the instructor is wearing a flower on their hats that will bloom when its hit by magic. The goal is for the students to make flower by the instructor bloom, but if their flower blooms, they’re out. That’s not all. The instructor for this test is . . .

The Challenger.png

. . . Liz-nee! To keep things short, the three not-protagonists are quickly eliminated, but only one-half of Team Precure is seems all that excited about completing the final test.


Could our protagonist truly want to return home?


Nope! She has only one goal: Making her waifu’s dream come true. Also, focusing the passing the test helps her not think about their eventual parting. Together the pass the test, but . . .


. . . a wild zubat Batty appears! He realized that wherever Precure is a linkle stone appears and decides to take advantage of it. Precure goes Primal Grouden ruby and kicks his sorry excuse for a monster, forcing Batty to exit stage left.

Hand Holding.png

The battle won, our heroines are forced to face the fate lies ahead of them. Is this really goodbye?


Nope! By the power of plot convenience, a linkle stone has appeared in the non-magical/muggle/mundane world! It looks like it’s time for a certain magician to meet her future in-laws!


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