Bakuon!! Ep.1

Strap on your bike helmets. This is an anime about cute girls riding bikes.

Our protagonists are . . .





Rider X.png

Racer X-chan.



This episode’s plot:

Clueless-chan was biking to school when she met the bane of all cyclists, biking up-hill, when she saw Cool-chan riding to school on her motorcycle.

Fired Up.png

She was fired up! She proceeded to ride to school making bike sounds. At school, Clueless-chan meets Cool-chan where Cool-chan convinces Clueless-chan to learn to ride motorcycles. Together the go to join the school’s bike club where Racer X-chan was waiting. When Clueless-chan asks what to do when it rains, Cool-chan tells her that you just get wet, causing Clueless-chan to loose interest. To convince her otherwise, Racer X-chan took her for a ride while Cool-chan contemplated what to say to win her over. Cluless-chan was won over, but the path ahead of her is not going to be easy.


Starting with getting her license.


As tradition, airheaded main characters have responsible and mature younger sisters! Apparently, Clueless-chan’s parents are living America (revealed later this episode and only mentioned previously in a such vague manner suggesting they were dead).

Bike Lifting Challenge.png

The heroes discuss the challenges of getting a license, chief amongst them is lifting a fallen bike. Cool-chan since isn’t hard, lifting her own 110 kg bike, but Racer X challenges her to lift her behemoth of a bike . . . Let’s just say Racer X’s strength is to respected.


Later, when Clueless-chan was learning to life a bike in her riding class, she was struggling but was giving some useful advice . . . by the bike herself. Her name is Baita and she talks constantly about men, including riding her; I’m sure there will people who will probably hate this character, but I don’t mind her.


Also, when Clueless-chan rides with Racer X-chan, she holds on by grabbing X’s chest. I dub this pairing Booby Riders.


No this isn’t a response to the previous image, but in fact a character that hasn’t formally been introduced yet. She appears to be trouble for protagonists. I call her Naughty-chan.


During her class, Clueless-chan met formally Suzuki for the first time. We also get meet Suzuki’s “super sized” bosoms.


Later, at a bike shop, it looks like Cool-chan and Suzuki-chan are getting along quite well until it became apparent that Suzuki-chan is a Suzuki fangirl and Cool-chan seems to hate Suzukis, resulting in what started out as a beautiful friendship becoming a bitter rivalry. I dub this couple Angry Sex  Love/Hate Riders. And thus the episode ends.


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