Picking Lily Petals:Cardfight Vanguard G! Episodes 22, 31 & 32

Long time, no hear everyone. Sorry about that. Been busy  n stuff. However after seeing in the preview for next week’s episode of G will finally return to the best characters (Am & Luna), I decided to post an update of things that happened on the dubbed end.

Before we get into the episode itself, let’s discuss a part of the OP.

Luna's Tears.png



Am's Tears.png

To sum this sequence of images: Luna’s falling, smiling tearfully. Am tries to reach out for her, but fails as Luna disappears in a flash of light. Am shed’s tears at her failure. This is very dark foreshadowing what’s to come.

Episode 22:

Wifeys in the Same Class.png

We kick things off (post Op) with second best couple (Tokoha x Kumi) celebrating being in the same class (I’m sure there was snuggling later).

The Couple your trying to contact is unavailable.png

When Best Couple #2 tries to contact Best Couple #1 (most likely to set up a double date), they learn they get no response. Why?

Conference with Villains.png

Well the villains (having their base raided and their boss die to be reborn as a Shota last season… Man it feels like I’m not covering a large chunk of the story, right?) decided to fly low, meaning that their idol henchmen (to whom only Am is aware of what they are actually doing) has to have no contact with the outside world because of their next “project” being top secret.

Am's Request.png

Am has a flashback where she requests to this anti-villain guy (he’s the Branch Chief of the Dark Zone and stuff…not really important) that Luna be kept in the dark about working for the Dark Side. She wants Luna to not be involved in their evil plans and only work as an idol. Dark Zone guy’s response is “Fine, as long as you produce results”.

Episode 31:

Luna's Lonely.png

Luna is getting worried about not being able to contact her friends (Best Couple #2 and the guys).

We need to talk.png

Am decides it’s time for them to have a talk.

Luna's Shitty Disguise.png

While walking Tokoha spies Luna in her typical “disguise”. (She must take disguise notes from Clark Kent).

Shrine Talk.png

Luna takes Tokoha to a shrine to talk about “a friend”. Unlike 99% of the time, she actually means “a friend” (or her wifey).

A Wild Am Appears.png

Am tells Luna that Tokoha is already aware that Am’s working for the villain, but explains that she doesn’t know why.

Am's Mitten.png

Remember that mitten from the second season (the first post I did about G)?

Am & Mama.png

Well her mother was knitting for her long ago, but got in a horrible accident along her Am’s father before she could knit the other one. The main villain has promised her that her parents will awaken from their comatose state after his plans “to save the world” are realized. Tokoha tries to tell Am she’s being forced to go along with the plan, but Am says it has its perks (like messing with Shion, refer to an earlier post).

Am's Goodbye.png

She then says the villains don’t need Luna and tries to dump her (clearly to protect her).

Tokoha's Blessing.png

Luna decides that whatever Am is getting herself into that Luna has to be by her side and Tokoha wishes Luna luck.

I work alone.png

Am tells the Dark Zone guy that she’s now a solo team.

Luna's Confession.png

Luna appears declaring that she will be Am’s “missing mitten”. Third gayest confession ever (the second being hyper loli/delinquent girl from Tanak-kun and the first being Nanofate’s ribbon exchanging).

Hand in Hand.png

The episode ends with the Best Couple #1 going off, hand-in-hand, to do EVIL!!11

Villains Assemble.png

Best Couple #1 and Dark Zone guy assemble in front of the Dragon Empire branch office while the other branch chiefs hold a meeting what to do about the villains. If you don’t see Am, she’s wearing her “Ace” disguise (the boy in the baseball cap).

Am vs. LJ.png

After Dark Zone guy plays Tokoha’s older brother and lost, Am stepped up to the bat, with the heroes’ local “I know things you need to know, but I will reveal this information to you when I feel you need to know it” member. Is it me, does Luna look a little creepy all of a sudden?

Luna's Move.png

Not waiting for the game to end, Luna decides to unleash a card-of-mass-destruction.

That's no hologram.png

That’s no hologram folks! That’s a real, living breathing monster! Not only that, but it started wrecking shit!

Knock out chop.png

Dark Zone guy shows off his best kung-fu moves by giving Luna a non-lethal chop that knocked her out. Also note that Luna is glowing… Not a good sign.

Ace is not happy.png

Am is worried about her beloved’s possessed state.

In a later episode it’s later revealed that Luna has fallen into a comatose state (it seems like a recurring theme for everyone Am cares about), Dark Zone guy apparently remembers Luna and declares that he will protect her (read that however you want) and ultimately Luna has been chosen to be the villain’s weapon of mass destruction over Am (much to her dismay). In next week’s episode, Am and Dark Zone guy will have a fight (presumably over will be Luna’s protector) and I’m hoping Am cremes him. Depending how next week’s episode goes, I might make a post.


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