Plucking Lily Petals: The Beginning of Am’s Heel-Face-Turn


Last week, I mentioned how I might post about this week’s episode depending on how it went and here I am. Let’s discuss the episode that marks Am’s turn from villain to hero.

Dead Girl.png

In previous episodes, he said he was going to protect Luna, giving me a “oh no! Is Vanguard really trying to sink the S.S. AmXLuna?” The answer is no.

The episode begins with a flashback to Dark Zone Guy’s past before returning to reality where he’s watching over Luna thinking that he will “protect her”. After the credits talking to the villains’ second-in-command about how their EVIL!!11 plans are coming along while Am eavesdrops.

Am to the Rescue.png

Realizing that the villains’ plans are about to come along, Am decides to save her waify.

Enishi is a Dick.png

Dark Zone Guy interferes.

Card Game for Luna.png

Am decides to settle this manner in the only way it can be in a card game anime: With a card game! (Who would thunk?)

That cheerful Luna.png

During the game, Am thinks of her wifey in order to steel her resolve.

Enishi's point.png

Dark Zone Guy brings up that without Luna, the villains can’t bring Am’s parents out of their coma and asks her if saving her wifey is worth that. He goes on further to point out she made the world her enemy solely to save her parents, questioning whether she’s given up on her original goal. Am admits that she wanted to save her parents and still does, but not at the cost of Luna.

Luna's Sacrifice

Dark Zone Guy explains that Luna’s sacrifice is noble and her respects her for it.

Am's Anger

Am clearly doesn’t agree.

Enishi's atonement.png

DZG says that protecting Luna will be his “atonement”. What does he mean? Well he explains in the form of his flash back in full.

Enishi's Past.png

Long ago, he suffered a disease in which he had only a 50% chance of surviving. He meets a girl in the hospital with the same disease and they become friends, learning to play Vanguard from her. He decides to protect her only for her to die the next day. The following day, his life is saved by a newly created drug. He comes to believe she “sacrificed her future to save his” (which is totally bullshit) and decides he must atone. Years late, he meets the main villain and decides to help him “save the world”. The end.

Enishi's Decision.png

He proceeds to defeat Am using a arguably OP effect and decides to kick her out of the villain’s organization (you know, instead of killing her like a pragmatic villain would).

Am's Plea.png

After the end credits, Am walks through the rain, pleading for anyone to help.

While the episode didn’t exactly go the way I had hoped, I still enjoyed it as it’s setting up Am’s turn from a villain to a hero. Hopefully in the next few episodes, she will meet up with the heroes and ask them for help, showing them the location of the villains’ base of operations while being aloud to partake in the rescue of Luna (preferably with a rematch with DZG). Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like next episode will include Am or Luna so it’s unlikely I will post. Until then, take care.


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