Cardfight! Vanguard G Episode 42: Am’s Request

Well everyone, I didn’t actually expect to have anything to post this week, but I was proven wrong. While the “important” stuff wasn’t given all much time this episode, it’s worth talking about.

Heroes' Summoning.png

The heroes were summoned to the warehouse at night. Guess who!

It's Am.pngIf you’re answer was Am, you’re right!

Save Luna.png

Am wastes no time explaining why she called everyone.

For Am.png

Am explains what to Luna and Tokoha asks why Luna would sacrifice herself. Am explains why above.

Am's Resolve.png

Any punishment.png

Am states her resolve to save her wifey.

Shion's Salty.png

As to be expect, Am’s former arch-nemesis isn’t too keen on helping the girl that aided in stealing his family’s company and plunging him into a state of poverty.

Tokoha joins the party.png

After realizing that it might too much to ask for help, Am decides to leave, but is stopped by Tokoha. Tokoha wanted to give Am a piece of her mind since her older brother was hurt in the villain’s last attack, but decides against it (remembering their double date back in season 2). Instead, she offers her hand in helping save Luna.

Am cries.png

Realizing she has at least one ally, Am is moved to tears.

Am needs a hug.png

Tokoha gives Am a much needed comforting hug.

Am & Shion.png

Next week it looks like Am will confront Shion and possibly try to make amends for destroying his life. Until then, take care everyone.


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