Elkat’s Skyrim Adventures: Dibella’s Secret

Elkat White.png

Hello everyone, recently I download a mod for Skyrim called “A Little Sexy Apparel Replacer” (LSAR for short) made by Cotyounoyume. Amongst the meshes included in the mod is a few types of bikins/lingerie. I decided to recolor the textures of those meshes for fun and wound up kind of making a little mod of my own that I like to call Dibella’s Secret. Below are some screenshots from this mod. Please enjoy.


Elkat Black.png


Elkat Blue.png


Elkat Yellow.png


Elkat Pink.png


Elkat Purple.png


Elkat Red.png


Elkat Orange.png


Elkat Green.png


Elkat Gray.png


Elkat Brown.png

This is only a small example of what I’ve done. If enough interest is generated, I will post some more images (of the stuff I didn’t show :p) and maybe eventually actually put this silly up for the public.


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