Plucking Lily Petals: Cardfight! Vanguard G Ep.47: Saving Luna (also Enishi vs. Tokoha…)

It’s been a while. To catch everyone up…

-Am convinced Shion to work with her to save Luna (it was very anticlimactic)

-The villains launched their evil plans as Am was giving everyone the run down of the villain’s lair.

-The villains’ plan: Lotus Eater Dream Machine. (Again anti-climatic).

-Five heroes (Am, Tokoha, Chrono, Shion, & a shota whose hardly a main character…) were chosen to face off against five of the villains team.

-The shota beat his opponent through the power of friendship…

-Shion might have died after saving his opponent from falling debris.

Now onto the may attraction: Am vs. possessed!Luna

Am vs Luna.pngThe possessed Luna didn’t so much as awaken but created an astral projection.

I will protect Am.png

Her only desire: To protect her wifey.Am's wish.png

That sounds innocent enough…

No Intereference.pngQuite the determination…

Not even Am.png

…I think we have problem.


Random fun fact: Negrolily is the first ever female Witch Doctor in the game (until recently, they all have scary looking guys that look like the demons they were supposed to be). Seeing as Granblue’s current ace is named “Nightrose”, I wonder what the relationship between these two! ^_-

Am's desire.png

Am explains that while she wants her parents to wake up, she’s willing to wait for them and what she truly desires to be with her wifey.

Am confession.png

Am makes a bold confession!!!Luna's answer.png

This gets through to Luna.I Love You.png

Am defeats Luna and the two girls are reunited! Luna confesses her love for Am!!! Q_Q (I’ve been waiting forever for this very line!)

Let's go home.png

11I sense some long needed snuggling in the immediate future (sometime after the world is saved).

Tokoha vs Enishi.png

Btw, Tokoha fought Enishi in this episode and won…

That’s pretty much there was to this episode. With only one fight left, it’s hard to say how episodes are left in this (or seasons left in this generation). I will post again if there’s anything meaningful. Until then, take care.


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