Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru Ep1: Enter the Sword Boys

Touken Ranbu is essentially the spear counter part to KanColle. I know of this series thanks to Cardfight! Vanguard, that released a set based on this series (we’re now getting a second set and even a trial deck based on Touken Ranbu), so I figured I’d cover the anime adaption.

The Plot:
In the year 2205 A.D. and a group called the History Retrograde Army is trying to change history through time travel. To stop them, a sage has imbued life into swords, giving them human bodies. So in other words…
History Retrograde Army = Abyssals
Sage = Admiral
Sword Boys = Fleet Girls

Because of the how huge the cast is, I won’t bother introducing all the characters who are even shown in this episode, but instead focus on the characters that matter this episode.

The episode starts (after a brief introduction and opening sequence) in Kyoto, June 5th 1864.


The Shinsengumi raids an inn and we watch as a specific member, Souji, dies.


It was a dream…of a memory that our protagonist had. His name is Yasuda Yamatonokami and he’s apparently one of the swords Souji owned. Think of him as our Fubuki. He told him his room mate, Kashuu Kiyomitsu (shown below), who was also owned by Souji and was the sword that was used in that memory/dream (though Yasuda had believed it was himself being used for reasons unexplained).

Second Protagonist.png

Kashuu is more than likely the character that all the fujoshi will ship Yasuda.

Snow Ball.png

As Yasuda went to wash his face, he noticed it had snowed right before being hit by a snow ball.  A snowball fight ensued with a bunch of characters.

Secretary Swords.png

After said snowball fight, these two, likely Touken Ranbu’s equivalent of the secretary ships, scolded them for making a ruckus in the fields.


After a segment introducing more characters and some more hijinks, the Sage gave orders to send six sword boys out on a mission to stop the HRA (as typing the villainous organization’s name is too bothersome) who targeting…a specific inn in Kyoto, June 5th 1864! Amongst the six sent is our protagonist and his (boy)friend. Guess who was the captain of the team? Also, like KanColle’s Admiral, the Sage is not shown.


Going back in time, they skirmished the HRA and the main character decided to rush the second floor of the inn like his master and did wound making a fool of himself. They were forced to retreat and visit the infirmary. The head swords stated that because they failed to eliminate the forces invading the inn, HRA will likely target it again. Kashuu fixed Yasuda’s bangs (since they got cut in the battle) and uttered a line that probably was going to send ships sailing if they weren’t.

Snow Ball Again.png

The episode ends with one of the sword bosses getting hit by a snowball, starting another snowball fight while Kashuu told Yasuka that he wasn’t the only one cared about their master.


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