Witches of St. Sayuri Update and some other game ideas

Hay, it’s been a while. I apologize for not posting. I’ve never really been all that good at being social online or IRL. However, I figured I’d make a post to announce that I had entered the (then) current demo for Witches of St. Sayuri the 2016 Yuri Jam. Sadly, as someone pointed out, it was quite buggy and I’m working on fixing and will post an updated demo when I finish the scenarios for chapter 2. For now on, you will find the current demo for this game on the link above.

Since just saying I made a demo for Yuri Jam isn’t exactly all that wordy, I thought I might post thought for other games I had bouncing about my head (some of these might have been posted before).

Love Locked (Name pending)
Short Description: Disgaea with lesbians.
Long Description: One day, the queen of succubi, claiming to be able to seduce any woman she desires, decides to seduce the high priestess of the humans as to prove her charisma. However things horribly wrong when she not only fails to seduce the high priestess, but has her infernal powers sealed away by a holy chastity belt that can only be removed by feelings of true love! To make matters worse, the succubi she once ruled over are now trying to kill her in order to take her position as their ruler! The queen of succubi and the high priestess must join forces to stop the diabolical coup.
The Yuri: Well if you haven’t predicted the queen of succubi and the high priestess falling in love, shame on you. However, the high priestess isn’t the only love interest for our dark seductress. Her majesty’s most loyal vassal proclaims her love her mistress (which is quite unusual for a demon…) and eventually heaven sends down an archangel to kill the queen, but the assailant finds herself too depowered and forced to join the party, slowly falling for the majestic devil.

Yurishima Monsters (Yurimon for short)
Short Description: Demon Master Chris turned SRPG.
Long Description: Professor Sakura believes that the monsters of Yurishima and humans can coexist and to prove her point, she can decided to capture and tame monsters. This isn’t an easy task. After all, the beautiful monster girls she captures wind up wanting to
“mate” with her.
The Yuri: I don’t think I really need to explain this. Ultimately, the game will have dating sim elements where you can choose to pursue one or many of the monsters you recruit.

Fate/Mimi (Fate/ franchise fan game)
Short Description: Mimi Chronicles the Game.
Long Description: One morning, Mimi wakes up to find an unusual mark on the back of her hand. Before she knows it, she is thrust into an underground holy grail war hosted by a mysterious organization known only as the “Round Table”. Can Mimi and her servant, Caster, survive long enough to discover the secret about the new holy grail?
The Yuri: Being a Fate/ fan game based around one of the best characters from Prisma Illya, Mimi will naturally ship any two girls she sees (it doesn’t help her servant, a certain Greek poet, enables her ever so much), however I was thinking of introducing a new character to serve as a love interest to her. As to whether Illya & Mimi or Rin & Luvia will be involved I haven’t fully decided.

Illegal Witch Diana Deathly
Short Description: (insert dark magical girl anime here) the SRPG.
Long Description: The protagonist, Diana, leads an ordinary and deathly boring life as a mundane girl. This all changes when she encounters a beautiful girl being attacked monsters one fateful night. Desperate to save the girl, she makes a contract with an all too adorable animal mascot, ignoring the girl’s warnings not too. Only after she signs the contract does she realize the mascot is in fact a demon and she too has become one of its tools to be used as it sees fit. To make matters worse, the monsters were summoned by real witches trying to destroy the demon before it could ensnare any more unfortunate souls and destroying those foolish enough to make a contract with it. Now Diana and her new comrade must fight for their lives while serving the whims of a wicked demon.
The Yuri: Well obviously, Diana and the girl she tried to save will fall in love.

Chainmail Bikini/Bikini Quest
Short Description: Bikini Warriors the Game.
Long Description: The kingdom of Zexi is being invaded by the Devil Queen. The Queen of Zexi summons Hero and charges her with the task of defeating the Devil Queen and bringing peace the kingdom. She gathers beautiful and scantily clad allies (who seem to be interested in getting to know her more…personally) and sets out on her holy quest.
The Yuri: If you’ve seen Bikini Warriors, just use your imagination.

Love is War
Short Description: Iono-sama Fanatics meets Fire Emblem
Long Description: The queen of Liland holds the most fierce reputation as the Queen of Conquerors as there’s not a maidens heart she work her way into. Unfortunately, her seductive ways has caused the men of her kingdom to rebel, having no women to marry as they are all in her harem. After quelling the rebellion, the queen decides to expand her horizons to the neighboring kingdoms. Unfortunately, these respective kingdoms aren’t willing to surrender their women without a fight. Some are even willing to preemptively attack Liland to stop her from invading their nation!
The Yuri: If you weren’t paying attention, queen with lesbian harem. Enough said.

Magical Girl Fairytale
Short Description: What if the heroines of classical fairytales were magical girls?
Long Description: Cinderella is a girl with a pure heart and because of this is chosen by the Fairy Godmother to her champion against the evil queen of Grim. However, she won’t be on her own as she will gather allies from throughout the kingdom.
The Yuri: I was initially thinking of having Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood enter a possible two-girl romantic friendship (that could grow into a genuine romance), but it’s also possible for Cinderella to befriend/marry any of the fairytale heroines, such as Goldie Locks, Snow White, etc., etc. …

Kiss of the Carmilla
Short Description: What if Carmilla (somehow) survived her tragic fate at the end of her novel and now lives in the modern day?
Long Description: There is a beautiful woman preys upon the sweet and innocent sisters of a certain nunnery, charming them into acts of “debauchery”. Rumor states that she hasn’t aged in many years and may not even be alive. Occasionally the dark seductress mourns a long forgotten love, a girl named Laura. However, she broods for there are others who dare prey upon her game and she can’t possibly forgive that!
The Yuri: The game would balance the wacky and sexy adventures of Carmilla as well as have her recall one girl who got away.

That’s about it for now. I will post when I either get chaper 2 for Witches done or have more ideas.


2 thoughts on “Witches of St. Sayuri Update and some other game ideas

  1. Wow, I loved reading through your ideas. Keep us updated about that if it’s not too much of a bother? Glitchy or not, I’m interested in your demo, too. Thankfully I have a few paid holidays this month so I can try to binge play some games.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Bit of a late comment, but I only just found this blog (via the itch.io game page). These all sound like really neat ideas! I’d definitely play Love Locked and Yurimon, probably Illegal Witch Diana Deathly, Fate/Mimi, Love is War and Bikini Quest, and maybe Magical Girl Fairytale and Kiss of the Carmilla – but that’s just based on the concepts, if I was reading about games that already existed. Any of them could turn out to be really, really good.

    Speaking of Carmilla, have you come across the web series yet? It’s not really anything like your idea, but it is similarly a pseudo-sequel and completely yuri… if you can call a live action series yuri.


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