Cardfight! Vanguard G: Next, Ep.9-Team Tokoha is formed.

Hello everyone. It’s been a while since we talked about Vanguard. Well the 4th season of G has started and it takes place about three years after the previous season, putting the heroes in high school. The main character team (Try3) has been broken up as Chrono, Shion and Tokoha goes to three different schools (Tokoha going as far to study abroad in Paris). However a new tournament, the U20 (Under 20) is coming up and each of them is joining for their own reasons. That out of the way, let’s talk about the only character that matters from the those three: Tokoha.

Background Lesbians.png

Two episodes ago, we’re finally introduced to what she was doing in Paris. Apparently she’s staying with Akane. Whose that? Well she’s a character that was introduced in the first seaon of G who was working with Tokoha’s older brother and during the episode that put on the bus (having her change locations to the Paris branch of the Vanguard Association), it was revealed that she and Tokoha were close. The image in my banner was taken from that very episode. You could consider her one of Tokoha’s potential wifeys. I’m sure there was plenty of yurific moments between them in Paris that happened off screen.

Tokoha & Akane.png

Well one day, Jaime (an annoying reoccurring character who looks like he’s the love child of Mariik and Yami Bakura), introduces her to a guy (let’s call him Mr. Musketeer) who plays the same clan as her, but a different build.


He seems to have sacrificed his luck at anything other than card games as he trips when first meets Tokoha and when they have dinner, his glass breaks while he’s trying to drink from it.


Apparently, his unholy pact with an unknown devil allows him to open god hands as he defeats Tokoha in a game.


Over the course of the episode, the seeds of an unsavory romance between Tokoha and Mr. Musketeer is planted.

Mr Musketeer.png


Don’t worry, this little isn’t given any real time to blossom as Jaime calls Tokoha at the end of the episode to inform her that Mr. Musketeer…

is dead.png

I’m less relieved and more baffled. Why bother introducing a character to only kill him in the same episode?

Episode 8 was focused entirely around Tokoha coming to terms with the death of a man she only knew for two *bleep*ing days and deciding to return to Japan to form her own team and partake in the U20.

Before we move on to episode 9 let’s discuss the ending theme.



The best couple is back!

Luna & Am.png

As you can see, Am has grown hair out and Luna have cut hers short. I’ve heard of couples who wear matching clothing, but similar hair lengths? That’s new.




I hope this isn’t foreshadowing like last season’s opening theme.


Luna & Am2.png

I just can’t wait until this anime has the balls to show them kiss.

Wait were we talking about again…? Oh yes, Tokoha!


Tokoha and Jaime Masked Mascara return to Japan (and apparently stopped by Mask Donalds along the way).

Luna & Am3.png

NINE episodes  in, the best couple returns solely to promote the U20! Stop teasing me, Vanguard G! TT_TT


Tokoha and Masked Masacara visit the Dragon Empire branch office and discover Enishi (no longer insane) is redeeming himself by playing the mascot character Vangaro. She decides to recruit him for her team.

Chrono is surprised.png

Tokoha, Masked and Enishi visits this generation’s local card shop Card Capital 2 where Chrono is now working part time. He is clearly surprised.

Tokoha & Kumi.png

While Jaime was fooling himself with the notion of being Tokoha’s third team mate, her real third member (and soul mate) shows up: Kumi!

Emoboy.pngChrono’s third player, local emo boy, Kazuma arrives and he plays against Tokoha. He realizes that she, alongside Shion and Chrono, are pros on a totally different level than him and starts broods as he looses. He goes off to pout, leaving his cards behind. Tokoha’s older brother spots him returning to the card game playing delinquents he seems to friends(?) with. The episode shortly afterwards. It looks like we will focusing on Emoboy as he is one of the few new characters introduced this season and the only one that’s also on Chrono’s team so I don’t know when I will be posting again.



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