Story Idea: Fate/Project Avalon

In a previous post, I discussed the idea for a Fate/ fan game. I’ve been thinking a little more about it and thought I could post some of my ideas.

The Plot:
  Several magi receive an invitation from a mysterious organization known as the “Round Table” to participate in the 4th Holy Grail War including Rin and Luvia. Meanwhile the members of the Einzbern family, including Illyasviel, have suddenly disappeared, much to Miyu’s worry. All evidence points to the new transfer student, Morgan, who quickly becomes close friends with Mimi. Can Luvia, Miyu and Rin unravel the secrets of the Round Table and the enigmatic Morgan?

The Masters:
  Seven magi have been summoned by the Round Table to participate in the Fourth Holy Grail War.
Rin Tohsaka & Luviagelita Edelfelt:
  Rin and Luvia receive orders from Lord El-Melloi II to infiltrate the Round Table and discover their goals. As masters in the Round Table’s Fourth Holy Grail War, Rin summons an Archer class servant while Luvia summons a Rider class servant.

Irisviel von Einzbern
  Irisviel von Einzbern has been chosen to be representative of the Round Table. Despite this, she acts suspiciously, refusing to answer any questions related to her family and their sudden disappearance. As a master, she summons an Assassin class servant.

Bazett Fraga McRemitz
  The homeless magus is hired by the Round Table to act as a master as well as a bodyguard for Irisviel. She doesn’t question the organization’s goals or Irisviel’s unusual behavior. As a master, she summons a Saber class servant.

Shinji & Sakura Matou:
  While Sakura is invited to be a master in the Round Table’s Fourth Holy Grail War, it’s Shinji accepts the invitation. Rumor states that Shinji is merely acting as a surrogate, having forced his adopted sister into allowing him to participate in the event. As a master, Sakura summons a Berserker class servant.

Midori Kishin:
  Midori Kishin is a delinquent living in a log cabin in the forest on the outskirts of Fuyuki city. While her own memories are fragmented and incomplete, she possesses a second set of memories belonging to someone very old and long dead. While incapable of performing magecraft (to her own knowledge), she was invited to join the Fourth Holy Grail War after accidentally performing the servant summoning ritual she found in a grimoire she took from someone she (unintentionally) saved from ruffians. She possesses a hatred for the Round Table she isn’t willing to explain. As a master, she summons a Lancer class servant.

Mimi Katsura:
  Mimi made an unexpected friend in Morgan, a girl mysteriously transferred into her school shortly after Illyasviel and Kuro disappeared. Introduced to a world of magic she never knew, she cheerfully accepted Morgan’s offer to learn magecraft and doesn’t think twice about being invited to join the Fourth Holy Grail War. As a master, she summons a Caster class servant.

The Servants:
Saber is a handsome man dressed from ancient China. While he is a servant of a class universal considered powerful, he is comparably weaker than other heroic spirits of the same class. He makes up for his sever lack power with the ability to wield any weapon with mastery, a veteran’s knowledge of battlefield tactics and the ability to use the battlefield to his advantage. His relationship with his master, Bazett, is strained at best as the two seem to have little in common aside from their willingness to complete tasks they are assigned. The wish Saber wishes the Holy Grail to grant is to be able to live the life she never could; the life of an ordinary woman.

  Lancer is a beautiful woman from the Heian period of Japan. While she is summoned as a Lancer, she is also skilled with the sword and bow and is a master horseman, possessing a strength unusually high for a heroic spirit of her class. As a samurai, she is loyal to her master, never questioning Midori’s orders (when the delinquent feels inclined to actually give her orders). Whether she is aware of her master’s infatuation with her is unknown, but she seems to not be helping matter, often jesting “if I were a man, I would happily take you as my bride”. The wish Lancer wishes the Holy Grail to grant is to be reborn as man back in her time period so that she would be seen as a warrior first and not a woman.

  Archer is a mysterious man who appears be Dutch in origin. He claims to have been originally a doctor, but because the public has remembered him as a hunter of a particular kind of monster, he has been summoned with a level of knowledge and expertise in the occult he never possessed in life. When he is not brooding, he spends his free time reading and learning the advances in medicine and science surrounding it. Because of their shared passion for acquiring knowledge and the pursuits of their respective fields of expertise, Archer gets along relatively well his master, Rin Tohsaka. He, however, has an instinctive distrust in the Assassin class servant that he believes to not be as innocent as she leads on. His wish for the Holy Grail to be able to save a patient he had failed, even if it was not any fault of his.

  Rider is a boisterous and hedonistic man of the sea who claims to be of English descent. A man who enjoys fine alcohol, fine women and the open seas, he indulges himself in his passions, much to his master’s chagrin, often prompting Luvia to threaten to kill both and Rin and steal Archer for herself. While Rider is aware that his master is wealthy  enough to buy him anything he wants, he doesn’t allow that to stop him from stealing what he want, claiming that nothing gained legally is worth as much as it would if it was taken by force and guile. Instead of having a particular wish for the Holy Grail to grant, he appears more interested in simply stealing it for himself and is willing to perform any underhanded dead for that reason.

  Despite his class, there is nothing mad or inhuman about the gentleman who claims to Berserker. However, another man, wild and immoral, who is much better fitting of the description of a mad warrior, also answers to the name. No one save their master knows the connection between the two save their masters and the secret they share. They both despise Shinji and his mistreatment of Sakura, the more violent of the two Berserkers going as far attempting to kill the boy whenever possible and egging his compatriot to “free” the girl from her suffering and “unleash” the darkness she has been keeping hidden with in her heart whenever he can’t. Both Berserkers desire the same wish of the Holy Grail: Complete freedom from the from the other.

  At first glance, Assassin is an innocent young woman of weak constitution. However, those with the misfortune of getting to know her personally will discover that she is anything but harmless. Assassin finds her master physically, but not emotionally attractive, seeing through the façade of Irisviel’s uncharacteristic behavior and forced to find companionship amongst the young girls of a local high school. Flirting with any girl she finds “delicious”, she proceeds to court any of them who doesn’t instinctively back away from her romantic invitations. Amongst her preferred targets include Rin Tohsaka (who her advances to incite denied jealousy from Luvia), a new teacher who is popular amongst both the boys and girls that calls herself “Cassie”, and the emotionally frustrated Midori. She is unaware of her intended targets are all actually enemies to her and her master. While she shows a strong disgust towards the religious implications of the Holy Grail, she still desires it to grant her a wish: The chance to be freed of her monstrous nature so that she may court her one true love without fearing killing or otherwise outliving her lover.

  Caster is an eccentric Greek woman of artistic flair. With a love of not only both men and women but also the love between two men and two women, she adores the existence of comics and animated series depicting such romances available over abundantly in Japan. Because of this, she and her master, Mimi share much in common and are easily mistaken for sisters. Unfortunately, the great poet finds herself at a lost for inspiration and seeks to remedy this by teaching young, hormonally charge adults about literature at a certain local high school under the assumed named of “Cassie” (which is not so cleverly derived from “Caster”). Amongst her students, she has particularly taken an interest in the mysterious “Cirmalla”, a student who appears to take as much interest in the pursuit of women as herself. As a caster, she is unquestionable ill suited to the class, with the only magic she is capable of casting being tied directly to her poems, often causing herself and her master to question why she was summoned in the first place. Her only real wish for the Holy Grail is to be able to live in this new world and experience its bounty of same-sex romance stories.

Other characters:
Miyu Edelfelt:
  After the sudden and unexplained experience of Illyasviel von Einzbern and the unusual actions of the Einzbern matriarch, Miyu begins investigating the unexplained occurrences happening in the city. While not invited to participate in the 4th Holy Grail War, she intends to investigate it nonetheless and the secretive organization behind it. With the aid of her sentient mystic code, Kaliedostick Sapphire and the class cards, she fights the summoned holy spirits and the Round Table’s guardians in hopes of finding her estranged companion, but first she must learn the dark truth behind her newest schoolmate, Morgan and her machinations, even if it means making enemies with Mimi in the process.

Story Routes:
After some thought, I’ve decided that all the potential plotlines can’t be neatly contain in one route and thus I’ve decided to split the story into three separate paths (Similar to Fate/Stay Night.)

Endless Night:
  A mystery descends the high school as Shinji is found dead with a broken neck and countless co-eds fall ill with blood lost. Rin, Luvia and Archer investigate these occurrences and their ties to the 4th Holy Grail War, unaware that the culprit watches the Tohsaka heiress’s every move with bated breath. Meanwhile Miyu searches the Einzbern residence for any evidence to the sudden vanishing of the family only to find a wounded Kiritsugu all to happy to tell the truth about the Round Table and the true identity of the girl named Morgan.

Liquid Madness:
  Berserker can no longer watch Shinji torture Sakura and takes action into his own hands, leading to the corruption of Sakura as she murders Shinji. Forcing Berserker to become her conspirator, the duo draws the attention of the other servants and masters, forging truce until the immediate threat has been dealt with. Amongst the masters, Midori seems all too eager to destroy the heiress of the Matou family, claiming to want revenge against the family’s patriarch, Zouken Matou. Unfortunately, her relationship with Lancer becomes stressed as she becomes increasingly frustrated with the heroic spirit’s joking and finds herself running into the comforting arms of Cirmalla.

Kingdom Fall:
  Morgan’s and Mimi’s friendship reaches levels neither expects and the former begins revealing her past to the latter. In spite of their closeness, Morgan refuses to alter her plans even if it means destroying her friendship with Mimi. Meanwhile a tragic romance blossoms between enemies as “Cassie” and “Cirmalla” go from rival lady killers to fire-forged allies. Mimi must come to terms that she has been a pawn in a much larger game of betrayal and deceit while saving Morgan from being destroyed by the organization that created her.


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