Schoolgirl Strikers: Animal Channel Ep.6 Obligatory Swimsuit Episode


Well it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I guess so. Today I decided to a episode summary of a particular episode of Schoolgirl Strikers: Animation Channel. Why? Well, as the only blog I’m actively following being Emperor G’s, this is one of the few anime he isn’t covering (and I needed an excuse to make a post in a long while. :p)What is Schoolgirl Strikers: Animation Channel?
Schoolgirl Strikers: Animation Channel is anime where a number of seemingly ordinary schoolgirls at a certain high school have been chosen to secretly fight mysterious monsters called Obli that appear in a parallel dimension known as the 5th dimension. There are four teams of girls, each with five members a piece. The four teams are ranked by their skill level, though the team the anime follows is the fourth ranked rookie team consisting of the main characters.


Tsubame Miyama, the team leader. She was found floating in between dimensions without any memories. She takes her role as team leader seriously and is often concerned with not being able to live up to expectations.


Io, the athletic, busty girl. A member of the volley ball team, she has a few fans, including one of her own team mates and a member of one of the three other teams (though she won’t admit it.)


Mana, the cutesy twin tails. She Io’s #1 fan and is rarely seen not with Io. Because of her affection for Io, Mana/Io is the best contender for the title of alpha couple in this anime (sadly they may the be only couple at this point.)


Yuumi, the wild card. Prone to goofing off, she brings life and an element of randomness to the group.


Satoka, the chow hound. Her primary character traits is her stoicism and her insatiable appetite. She also works part time as a detective.


The introductions out of the way, let’s discuss this episode. It starts in all too familiar scene: the girls showering in their dorm. Unfortunately (like so many times in the previous episodes), the fan service was cut short by the Obli spotted alarm.


As usual they receive the mission briefing from their chief Tierra (on the left) and the mascot/rumba transformer Mosyne (right). Apparently there’s been a distortion, but there’s no signs of an actual Obli so the girls are going to be sent into the 5th dimension to investigate.


The coordinates of the disturbance lead to a mountain side lake. In order to investigate the lake, they had to change into appropriate costumes.


The girls knew what the main attraction was going to be.


Yuumi is wearing a pink striped bikini while the modest Satoka is wearing a green bikini with a frilly top.


Tsubame is wearing a purple bikini with a frilly bottom and an instant near costume malfunction (the bow on the left side of her bottom was coming undone which is strange as they heshin’ed into these costumes).


Mana is wearing an orange and pink bikini with a skirt while Io is wearing a blue bikini with bow strings.


Finding no enemies, Tsubame got permission from the chief to rest and relax before returning to base. Mana decided to fishing with Io while Yuumi and Satoka go gathering for ingredients to make lunch.It's time.png

Yuumi went into chunibyou mode, pretending to be some be some famous chef.


After lunch Mana resumed fishing due to the fact Io was the only to catch any fish.


Meanwhile Satoka pulls out her secret weapon: curry bread.


Unfortunately Satoka didn’t get to enjoy her precious curry bread as it was dropped and rolled down the mountain on a naturally form ski jump. As it flew through the air, the obli they were looking for, a giant fish type, emerged from the lakes deepest depths and devoured it in an impressive feet of acrobatics.


Not wanting to miss out on the fan service, the chief showed up to give exposition before retreating to safety.


While no one was looking, Mana managed to hook the obli and showed off her skill in classic cartoon water ski-fishing.


Satoka began to question the cartoon logic, but Yuumi stopped her.


Another team, Coconut Vega, showed up to fight the monster.


Again Satoka dared to question the infallible cartoon logic, but Yuumi made another successful save.


After a fierce battle, the obli sunk Coconut Vega’s battleship and escaped. In order to bring down the monster of the week, they proposed to team up with the heroes.


Coconut Vega drove Mobi Obli to the heroes where they (sacrificing another of Satoka’s beloved curry bread) hooked it and reeled it in.


After the credits we have an unknown person approaching the commemorative picture everyone took with their (humongous) catch and the girls other than Tsbume disappear from the photo?! Dun dun DUN!


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