Schoolgirl Strikers: Animal Channel ep.7: The Dork Knight & Villains Emerge

Odile.pngI wasn’t expecting to covering this anime weekly, but I may have to from this point onward. This episode introduced new characters and gave us back story for Mana and Io.

Shower 2.png

This episode starts with another shower scene, but something’s different. This isn’t our heroes HQ! Who could this be?


Calling it now: This photo is a Chevok’s gun.

Biology Teacher.png

Meanwhile the mysterious biology teacher talks to some mysterious students.


While going to get some limited edition crème curry bread, Satoka noticed someone who was (pretending to be) in distress. When she asked what the girl was looking for, the girl said she was looking for a small card, the size of the microchip’s the girls put in their transformation devices. When Satoka asked if she needed help, the girl refused, but thanked her for offering.


Satoka continued her quest to retrieve the holy crème curry bread and the girl celebrated her feat of socializing only be to injured in the process.

Only One.png

Satoka returns from her sacred mission only to reveal that she wasn’t as successful as she wanted to be. Apparently if Satoka hadn’t stop to ask the girl if she needed help she could bought three, but by the time she hadn’t got the shop, someone in front her bought two of the last three.


Mentioning what the girl was looking for, the main characters reject the idea she was actually looking for their magical transformation chips and Tsubame had a flashback to discussing the chips and their weapons with the chief. Apparently both are from the 5th dimension. The others noticed her spacing out and bluffed with saying that she was thinking about them getting stronger so that could catch up with the three other teams. Io came up with a training plan.


Their training was interrupted by the appearance of the Knight of the Black Mongoose Swan, Odile! She demanded they hand over their magical transformation chips and the Stella Prism (the giant crystal they use to travel between dimensions.)


Despite being quite goofy, Odile is a lethal joke character, being quite strong and being able to use all the weapons of the heroes (but sadly not all at once.)


After a old “battle” injury acted up, Odile had to retreat. Why does this seem familiar….?


Back at the HQ the girls told another team, Prycon Pudding, about their encounter with the Black Mongoose Swan, but they didn’t believe her as they didn’t have any concrete evidence of the encounter.


While on patrol in the 5th Dimension, Team Pudding encountered a team of unfamiliar girls not affiliated with the 5th Division. They admit to be the ones behind the O’bli appearances and done with the 5th Dimension getting in their way.


The heroes, being the only available team, were called in as back up but before they could even survive Team Pudding were wiped out.


Mana identifies the mysterious newcomers as the Origami sisters who knew from the orphanage she grew up in until they one day mysteriously disappeared.


While the rest of the heroes were bathing, Mana and Io reminisced about how they met.


Little Mana used to be bullied.

Io to the Rescue.png

Little Io came to the rescue. Because her hair was short (and she was years away from puberty), Mana mistook Io for a boy and thought her prince has arrived. Io apologized for being a girl, but Mana told her that she still considered Io to be her knight in shining armor. Also Io had made a promise back then to protect Mana.

Io's Pillows.png

Io remade her promise and Mana buried her face in Io’s “pillows”.

Fun Time.png

Mana wondered why her old friends turned to the dark side and Io assured that they will make the Origami sisters explain themselves and try to befriend them. Cheerfully, Mana initiates what I can only assume is some very intimate snuggling….or other activities.


The mysterious biology teacher scolds the Origami sisters for attacking the wrong team. Apparently, they were supposed to target the heroes all along!


Finally, “Odille” mourns her failure back in her apartment and declares her mission to destroy all the magical transformation chips and Stella Prisms!

Seeing as this anime finally has an actual plot I think I might cover it weekly (if only to report the advances of Io/Mana and the misadventures of the Dork Knight.)



One thought on “Schoolgirl Strikers: Animal Channel ep.7: The Dork Knight & Villains Emerge

  1. Io X Mana is the driving force of the show. The cool fights and classic Girls Club antics the show features come in 2nd. 3rd goes to the main plot which as we saw this episode is finally progressing.


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