Cardfight!Vanguard G: Next Ep.20 Am’s Redemption

It’s been a while since we’ve talked Vanguard, hasn’t it? Well it’s time that one half of the best couple of this anime to shine: Am Chouno.


Team Idol.png

Rummy Labyrinth with Saya


This season, Am, Luna and a third wheel formed a team to join the Under20 Tournament.


Holding Hands: The PG equivalent of two girls kissing.


As the third day of the U20’s first stage went underway, Am and Luna were discussing how they needed to do well as it’s their atonement. Cue the start of a beautiful scene….

Mood Killer.png

Am: Crap! I forgot to lock the door!

….ruined instantly by Saya walking in. I’ve hated this character since the first season of G and she finds news reasons to make me hate her.



Hayao has good taste in fictional idols.


Being the token idol team, they also got a special introduction during which we learn Shion’s new boyfriend bro is a total fan.

Tokoha Bring It.png

Hay bitch, I’m looking forward to kicking your ass!



That’s my line, bitch!


Meanwhile the other member of Shion’s team, the “Queen of Fights” Rin, was being bored when she looks over to see Tokoha. Whose Rin? Well, she was originally on Team Demise, G’s villain team of from season 1. She’s also tsundere for Tokoha’s older brother. Tokoha flashed her a friendly smile to future sister-in-law and Rin smiled back.

Am Luna.png

Off stage, Am saw Shion in a game on the television screen and remembered how she screwed over his life and got Luna involved in her villainy. Seeing her soul mate down, Luna initiated a cheer up event when Saya had to pre-emptively ruin the mood. (Have I mentioned how much I hate Saya?)

Hayao vs Am.png

Hayao’s wildest dream came true…one them I’m sure.


To Hayao’s surprise, he learns he’s fighting Am and is quite overjoyed. Seeing that Hayao is from the same school as Shion, Am realizes that she had to fight her hardest. The fight was a tough one as Hayao plays Narukami: A clan focused on killing the opponent’s cards while simultaneously removing cards from the opponent’s discard pile from the game. It’s the perfect counter to Am’s Granblue deck which plays cards from the discard pile.

Shion's nice.png

Am destroyed his life and what he does? He has his family’s company take over caring for her comatose parents? Forgiving or merely putting her in his debt for his future evil plans?


Seeing Shion watching her fight, Am flashed back to a scene that happened between seasons where Shion informed her parents are now in good hands. While Hayao had the advantage, Am had two season’s worth of plot armor and the duty to show off cards that will be appearing in the next Japanese set: Rummy Labyrinth under the Moonlight.


After the game, Am, Luna, and the third wheel are reunited with Tokoha’s team.

Saya Tackle.png

Saya: Tokoha, it’s been like a season since I caused you any trouble!

With the yuri blocker tackling Tokoha, the episode ends. Next episode Luna will be playing Chrono so hopefully there will be more yurilicious moments that Saya will ruin. I don’t know if I should be excited or not. Until then, take care!


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